Daphne Oz Shares How Being a Mom Changed Her Style - and What Pieces to Buy for Summer!

The Chew co-host talks about how motherhood changed her style and what to shop right now!

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Daphne Oz, best known as The Chew co-host and daughter of television personality Dr. Mehmet Oz, knows how hard it is to juggle a family and a career. The star's mom to three-year-old daughter Philomela and one-year-old son Jovan Jr., and she admits it took her some time to come into her own fashion-sense after starting a family.

"It​ has​ taken me forever to cultivate the ​collection of pieces I feel really suit my body and make me feel great every time I put them on," Oz told PeopleStyle. "I buy mostly neutrals in feminine silhouettes and durable fabrics since everything eventually ends up as a napkin for my kids, and these are my staples that I'll keep forever. I don't want getting dressed to be one more stress!"

Oz just released her fifth (!) book, The Happy Cook: 125 Recipes for Eating Every Day Like It's the Weekend, in September and recently teamed up with Dressbarn to release an exclusive version of the book called The Happy Cook: The dressbarn Special Edition. With Mother's Day right around the corner, we sat down with the star to talk motherhood, summer style and more!

How has being a mom changed your style?

It is more important than ever that I have a closet and wardrobe that support me and make me feel good in my skin. I just don't have time to spend half an hour getting dressed. I get ​a couple new colorful or patterned items each season ​to update my basics — a frilly top for evening and beautifully tailored high-waisted tuxedo pants are my two recent finds. It definitely has taken time — I've had some hits and some misses — to figure out what shapes and cuts work on my body post-babies.

What have you learned about dressing from being on TV every day? Is there one look you'll never wear?

At The Chew, we have to choose outfits that let us move, and play around and cook. They can't just look good from one angle sitting pretty in a chair. I feel like in many ways, the needs I have model pretty well what most women are juggling in their day-to-day lives: I want my clothes to look good, be comfortable and support me whether I'm doing an interview or cooking or getting down on the floor to play with my kids.

How do you like to dress for summer?

I love a light and long maxi dress. They are endlessly chic and comfortable. You can use a statement belt and heels to update it for night or pretty flats for day. I also think everyone needs a short and flirty dress for summer nights, but I try to balance showing some leg with covered arms. I love the look of open neck and shoulders with a billowing sleeve. If I'm bumming around on the weekend with my kids, you'll find me in cutoff jean shorts and a t-shirt. And I love the look of high-waisted white jeans with a bohemian top and wedges. It's so classic.

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What's the oldest thing in your closet?

I have a sweatshirt I stole from my mom that is from her high school, and I will never give it up!

Okay, spill: What's the trick for taking a great OOTD photo for Instagram?

Honestly, the most flattering shots I take follow these rules: stand about three feet from your mirror so you can get the full body shot, hold your phone about head level and angle ​the camera down slightly. Then make sure you have some amount of uplighting or bounced light so the shadows don't kill the shot. My dressing room at The Chew, where I do a ton of my OOTD posts, does not have great lighting, so I just turn on everything I have and take 50 shots. Then I hope there will be one in there that is usable!

Are you saving anything in your closet for your daughter?

I have my wedding dress in storage, though I doubt she will ever want to wear it. Maybe she'll incorporate a piece of it into her own wedding dress. I would love that!

Does she weigh in on your clothes yet?

She has a lot of opinions about everything, though I haven't gotten any major fashion critiques from her yet. She does ask if she can have outfits to match mine. She is my sweet Pisces girl, and she always tells me how beautiful I look.

Has she developed her own sense of style yet?

She loves to pick out her own clothes (we have a lot of dresses and skirts over pants looks going on) and she really cares about the color of her daddy's tie — she would prefer him to only ever wear a purple one!

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