Kleinfeld Bridal for a private dress fitting with wedding dress designer Pnina Tornai

By Colleen Kratofil
January 04, 2017 03:53 PM

UPDATE: Despite choosing the magenta gown for her anniversary date night last year, she also kept one of the black gowns she tried on to ring in 2017. She celebrated New Year’s Eve with husband Kevin Jonas wearing the Pnina Tornai long black gown with cap sleeve and sweetheart neckline and thanked the designer for making her “feel like a princess.”

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED December 23, 2015: Some celebs are always ready to give us #hairenvy, others #outfitinspo, but with Danielle and Kevin Jonas, you could also throw in #relationshipgoals. This winter marks their six-year wedding anniversary, and for the occasion they decided to pull out all the stops with a romantic date. In preparation for the big night, they closed Kleinfeld Bridal for a private fitting with wedding dress designer Pnina Tornai to find Danielle the perfect evening dress. And PeopleStyle was invited along to witness the magic.

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The plan all began when Kevin told Danielle he would surprise her on their anniversary (December 19) with a special evening out — and Danielle knew she wanted to be dressed to the nines. “He told me that he has a surprise, and that he’s taking me somewhere, so I said OK, then let me surprise him with something, which was to dress up for the night,” Danielle tells PeopleStyle. “So I don’t know what we’re doing, but I’m going to be in a dress.”

To ensure that dress was perfect, the couple scheduled a private fitting with designer (and frequent Say Yes to the Dress star) Pnina Tornai. Kevin arrived to the store with bags and bags of MG collection by Material Good jewelry for Danielle to wear during the fitting, telling her, “I just wanted to give you pretty things to wear on top of more beautiful things.”

While Danielle was willing to let Tornai guide her through the process of choosing the perfect gown, she knew she wanted something that looked different from her wedding dress. “I don’t want to go the same way, because mine was really big — it was like a Mack Truck basically — and I loved it, and I would never change it for anything. I knew [Kevin] wanted to see me come down in something like that. But I think I just want to do something more form-fitting this time.”

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Tornai had a few dresses already in mind for Danielle to try on. “I think she has a genuine personality. She’s very real and I don’t see her in something with too much ‘Va-va-voom,'” Tornai tells PeopleStyle. “I would do more sexy, romantic for Danielle. There’s something shy about her and I love that, I think it’s beautiful. And we’ll try to keep it in that zone.”

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And after trying on three gorgeous black lace gowns, it turned out she “said yes” to a bright magenta number. “I’m really surprised,” Danielle says. “I love tulle and everything, and I don’t normally wear things that are that structured and tight, because I’m self conscious a little bit. But I love it.”

Adds Tornai, “You know what? They always say that about wedding dresses too: It’s the one you never thought you’d wear.”

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When Kevin saw the final pick, he couldn’t stop commenting on how beautiful she looked. “She doesn’t wear a lot of color,” he says. “I feel like she wears a lot of muted dresses. Plus, she could wear this anywhere.” (Which works out well, because he ended up taking her to a special private dinner at their favorite restaurant in New Jersey.)

After spending their fifth anniversary at home with their daughter, Alena Rose, Danielle says she’s excited for a big romantic date this year — despite how happy she is just being a mom.

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Even though she admits at times that motherhood is “hard,” she’s never been more filled with love: “No one can really prepare you for what you have to do. And when I had her, I was in shock. Like, this is really mine? Did they bring it from that closet over there? I love her more than you can ever love someone and it’s crazy to feel that way, because you already feel like you love your husband, and it’s such a different love.”

It’s such a strong love that six years later, she couldn’t be happier with her decision. “I definitely know who I have and I chose him. No questions about it.”

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–Colleen Kratofil