Danielle Brooks Is a Designer! Check Out Her Cool New Collaboration with Universal Standard

Her three-piece collection is available in mid-November

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Heather Hazzan

Orange Is the New Black‘s Danielle Brooks is at it again! The actress has become one of the most inspiring voices on body positivity and fronted major campaigns centered around size-inclusive clothing (like that time she was the face of Christian Siriano’s Lane Bryant collection). Now she’s combining all her experience into a new design gig with Universal Standard.

The Tony Award nominee is teaming up with the brand for a three-piece “Tria” collection, launching in mid-November.

Brooks decided to work with Universal Standard because of its commitment to providing quality clothing in a variety of sizes. “The reason I chose Universal Standard to be the first company that I design for is because they symbolize the fact that all women, no matter their shape or size, want and deserve to wear beautifully made, fashion forward clothing,” she tells PeopleStyle. “They stand for everything I believe in!”

The Tria collection she’s designing was started by the brand to address the lack of fashion-forward options available to women size 10 and up: “If you could design three pieces that you always wished you had in your closet, but could never find, what would they be?”

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So Brooks came up with three universally flattering, trend-pushing styles that she always wished she had but could never find, including the perfect pair of overalls. “The overalls were a no brainer,” she says. “For years I have looked for a pair of overalls that weren’t too baggy in the crotch, that presented some type of wow factor and that weren’t too long in the body. This one will be sure to satisfy every woman who has felt like me.”

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She also created an off-the-shoulder sweater dress (with she models in the pic above), which she says is even more versatile than your everyday dress. “With this piece, you are able to dress it up, dress it down, wear it off the shoulder, and even rock it as a chic hoodie,” she explains. “It’s what every woman will be looking to wear for fall.”

And finally, there’s the poplin dress, which was inspired by her fashion icon, Solange Knowles. “Too often, I’m not able to wear the cool unique statement pieces that I see because they never run in my size. This piece will have people asking you, ‘excuse me, where did you get that?!'”

To get your hands on these cool, unique pieces, you can snatch them up at universalstandard.net this November.

What piece are you most excited to buy?

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