The blogger behind We Wore What and designer of Archive Shoes has a chic spring recommendation for you

By Alex Apatoff
April 27, 2017 09:00 AM
Courtesy Danielle Bernstein

Have you bought anything you loved lately? In the PeopleStyle offices, the answer to that question is usually “Yes.” (Just check out our shopping page for proof!) This week, we’re featuring Danielle Bernstein, the beloved blogger and street style style behind We Wore What, whose shoe line, Archive Shoes, is going to be all over your own Instagram this spring – and her go-to headwear is a style beloved by models including Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

Danielle Bernstein, founder of We Wore What and designer of Archive Shoes: Forget the beanie, baseball cap, and fedora – it’s all about the cadet hat this year! I became obsessed with this look after seeing it on some of my favorite supermodels. It immediately updates any outfit and creates an effortless yet stylish look.

Danielle Bernstein is the founder of We Wore What and launched her first-ever shoe line, Archive Shoes, this season. Check out her designs on the site and their Instagram, and follow her on @weworewhat for even more updates!