September 24, 2015 03:48 PM

Harry Potter, is that you?

Daniel Radcliffe has rendered himself unrecognizable for his new role in the upcoming film, Imperium, for which he plays an undercover FBI agent named Nate Foster who infiltrates neo-Nazi circles.

John Shearer/Getty

Seeing as Radcliffe must portray someone portraying a Nazi, we understand the dramatic stylistic choice … but we still find it incredibly upsetting. (We’re quite fond of Scruffy Radcliffe: Always have been, always will be.)

“We began filming the movie this week,” Radcliffe captioned the jarring photo, which he debuted on his Google Plus page on Tuesday. “I’m very excited about it and will tell you more about it soon!”

While we miss his hair (and let’s be real, his lightning-shaped forehead scar), we do like that his new look allows us to appreciate just show chiseled his jaw and cheek bones are. Which is to say: very, very chiseled.

What do you think of Radcliffe’s new look? Sound off below.

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–Maria Yagoda

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