October 05, 2016 04:59 PM


Darryl Oumi/Getty
Darryl Oumi/Getty

Despite the stereotypical taboo that men don’t worry about their skin, Daniel Dae Kim has no shame in admitting he does.

“I know guys who barely brush their teeth, let alone take care of their skin!” the 48-year-old Hawaii Five-O star laughs. “But I look at it as a more holistic idea of taking care of yourself. You eat well, exercise, sleep and try and take care of yourself – skincare is definitely an important part of that.”

The actor’s interest in taking care of his body as a whole led him to become an ambassador of Clinique For Men’s new #BehindTheFace campaign. “As an Asian Amerian male, it’s important that we be included in the conversation of ‘beauty’,” Kim told PeopleStyle.

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His partnership with Clinique for Men is fitting, too. Kim actually says he “embarrassingly didn’t even wash [his] face at night,” until he met his wife around 20 years ago. Her solution: getting her Clinique skincare products into Kim’s hands.

“She’s the first person to give me the Clinique Clarifying Lotion,” Kim said. “She said, ‘Don’t just wash your face. Take a cotton ball and use this [Clinique Clarifying Lotion] after you wash and for God’s sake, put some lotion on!'”


Since then, Kim’s stopped borrowing his wife’s products and invested in a few of his own essentials. His new favorites: Clinique For Men’s Face Soap and Clinique For Men’s Broad Spectrum SPF 21 Moisturizer. “I’m a pretty simple guy,” he said.

Aside from his skin, Kim also prioritizes his hair. As it turns out, the star’s longer locks (currently for his role on Hawaii Five-O) aren’t as low -maintenance as he might like. “I’ve been working with my hair stylist for 11 years — we met on Lost. We’re always looking for the right leave-in conditioner to make my hair less dry and coarse-feeling,” he said.

Since Kim’s hair is typically dictated by his roles, he’s had a number of looks over the years — and his 1800s Siamese king cut from his recent run on Broadways’ The King and I was one of his favorites. “It was a close crop on the side with [the hair] longer on the top. The haircut happened to be something like Williamsburg hipster circa 2016,” he laughed. “It was fun to have a haircut that my sons said, ‘Wow, dad. That’s pretty cool.'”

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