The legendary actress appeared on TODAY to discuss her upcoming film The Good Liar — and future plans for more body ink!


Dame Helen Mirren is even cooler than we thought.

During an appearance on TODAY to discuss her upcoming film The Good Liar, the actress was asked about her tattoo — and whether she’d ever consider getting a second!

The conversation started when host Savannah Gutherie pointed out that Mirren has practically mastered powerful and regal roles, portraying six queens over the course of her career with the most recent being Catherine the Great. Understandably so, the television personality wondered how this affects Mirren’s real life reputation.

“Do you find that people are intimidated by you because they almost are like treating you like the characters that you play?” she asked during the Nov. 6 segment. The Oscar winner — who looked on-trend in a houndstooth blouse and drop pearl earrings — admitted, “It did happen a bit after I played the queen…I really try to counteract that in my everyday life.”

helen mirren tattoos
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“You know what makes me feeI like I can talk to you and we can be friends? I read that you have a tattoo, which is so amazing,” Gutherie said, as the camera zoomed in on a tiny piece of body art near her thumb.

“I do! Well, a very old tattoo,” Mirren responded. “I got this one when only Hell’s Angels had tattoos.”

Helen Mirren
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And when Gutherie asked if the star would ever consider getting a second tattoo, Mirren said yes without hesitation.

“It’s a little bit addictive,” she added. “I think as I get older, I’ll get more tattoos.”

Dame Helen Mirren 'Catherine the Great' T
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Helen Mirren
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“I think I might do it if you do it,” Gutherie said. “That makes it cool and acceptable.”

According to the Daily Mail, the small hand tattoo — which she once said she got when she was “very, very drunk” — symbolizes tolerance.

Helen Mirren
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“It was done with a safety pin, it was so painful,” Mirren said at a 2018 Cannes Film Festival, according to the Independent. “Oh my god. Like a prison tattoo. It represents a very beautiful idea which is basically ‘equal and opposite’, that someone can be as different from you as you could possibly imagine, but have equal value to yourself, that’s something I believe in life.”

“I decided to get a tattoo because it was the most shocking thing I could think of doing,” Mirren previously told Good Morning America. “Now I’m utterly disgusted and shocked because it’s become completely mainstream, which is unacceptable to me.”