Curious What Lauren Conrad Would Look Like With a Unibrow? Wonder No Longer

The star goofs around with a very unusual look

Courtesy Kristin Ess

Lauren Conrad is a lady who knows what she likes, stylewise. On any given day, you’ll see her in cat eye liner, beachy waves or a topknot, and an A-line dress. But there’s something different about her in this picture, posted on her stylist Kristen Ess’s Instagram, that we just can’t quite put our finger on …

Just kidding, it’s the huge fake unibrow plastered right in the middle of her forehead. The star got goofy while working together, with Ess posting “I refuse to waste a good extension scrap. ♻️ #boldbrowsforspring.” Certainly, a strong eyebrow is one of the chicest accessories you can wear (just ask Cara Delevingne) but this may be taking it a bridge too far.

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The bride-to-be recently talked to PEOPLE about her go-to beauty look and said not to expect to see her rocking anything new (aside from a unibrow here and there, apparently) in the near future. “I’ll never go bob again,” she said. ““I haven’t let [Ess] cut my hair in, like, years.”

Think Conrad should rock this look indefinitely? Did you get a giggle out of the photo? Tell us below!

–Alex Apatoff

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