Crocs’ collaboration with country singer Luke Combs “sold out in minutes,” according to the brand’s CEO

By Katie Intner
November 06, 2019 01:29 PM
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Crocs has been very busy in 2019 giving its comfortable, “polarizing” clog a makeover with help from celebrity collaborators — and it’s finally paying off.

After partnerships with A-list celebs like Post Malone and Luke Combs (whose second collaboration will launch Nov. 14), the footwear brand has seen sales skyrocket.


“We launched our first shoe with [Luke Combs] at the Country Music Fest in Nashville earlier this year,” Croc’s CEO, Andrew Rees, said on Fox Business during a recent interview. “It was a huge success. Sold out in minutes. It sells to his followers, and it works incredibly well.”

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While Rees admits Crocs are “a polarizing brand,” he says fans mixed feelings actually contributed to the company’s rebirth.

“There are people that love it, and there are people that hate it,” he added. “That gives us a great deal of tension – tension in the media, tension with consumers. We’ve taken advantage of that, and that’s been one of the secrets to the resurgence of the brand.”

Aside from its celebrity partnerships, Crocs has collaborated with high-fashion brands like Balenciaga and Vera Bradley.

“The diversity is really important to tell a variety of stories, appeal to a variety of consumers,” Rees continued. “And we’ve been able to attract a whole host of new customers to the brand, hence 20 percent sales growth in Q3.”

In July, the footwear brand released its colorful, paisley-and-floral printed shoes, co-designed by Vera Bradley, in three signature Crocs styles.

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“Crocs and Vera Bradley are both accessible brands that value individuality and self-expression, which is why we’re excited to unveil this fun, colorful project,” said Michelle Poole, Chief Product and Merchandising Officer at Crocs. “We’re confident that the Vera Bradley + Crocs footwear collection will be a head-turner for students going back to campus, moms on the go, and anyone seeking stylish comfort.”