Twitter users are in a heated debate over Crocs high heels

By Colleen Kratofil
July 17, 2018 11:40 AM

There is no other wacky, viral fashion product that spars a more heated debate than Crocs shoes. People either really, really dislike the footwear or really, really love them (Mario Batali once bought 200 pairs of orange Crocs) and as we’re learning from the brand’s latest launch, there doesn’t seem to be any sentiment in-between.

The brand introduced a new high heel “Cyprus” Croc that features a two-inch heel and contains its signature foam footbed for all-day comfort. The new design also features “an elegant strap design with a little more top-of-foot coverage” and the brand writes that “you’ll appreciate the subtle elastic on the straps for a more forgiving fit.”

Courtesy Amazon

On Twitter, many users were shocked that a high-heel Croc design exists.

But many others were quick to point out that Crocs has been making heels for years and that this style is just a new iteration on a classic staple.

What’s even more shocking to some Twitter users, is the fact that the $44.99 heel is now sold out — and being re-sold on Amazon for a whopping $224.75.

Looks like there are more fans than haters when it comes to the high-heel design after all.