Courteney Cox Shares the Quick 5-Minute Makeup Routine She Learned Because She's 'Always Late'

The actress has figured out a way to get her minimal makeup routine done when she's really short on time

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Courteney Cox/Instagram
Photo: Courteney Cox/Instagram

Like plenty of others, Courteney Cox doesn't have a lot of time to get ready in the morning. So the Friends actress decided to share some tips in a really relatable and super-quick five-minute makeup routine on Instagram.

"So since I'm always late, I wanted to learn how to do my makeup the most efficient way, in five minutes, with 10 things. And I'm going to show you how," Cox, 56, said at the beginning of her tutorial.

She began by spot-correcting her bare face with the Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation and Koh Gen Do Moisture Fit Concealer only where she sees redness. "I like to mix them. I put a little bit of the base on my hand and a little bit of the concealer right next to it," said Cox, who then used the Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Concealer Brush to blend the liquids and start applying. "I just start painting. I paint under my eyes. And I mix them together because I don't like it to be too thick. I cover up any kind of red stuff. I put it just wherever I need to [because] I don't like to wear a full base."

She followed with Stila Convertible Color Cream Blush to warm up the complexion. "I put it here on my cheeks. I put it on my nose, my chin and that's that," Cox said.

Then she focuses on the eyes. "I get my favorite eye pencil by Tom Ford. I can't read the name of it cause it's so worn out but it's a bronze color. You don't have to use this color but I like it," the star said. Cox explained that she uses the kohl pencil to draw a thin line along her upper lashes for definition.

"One of the reasons I have to do this is I got my eyes tattooed a long time ago and it's this weird blue, I hate it," Cox revealed. "I don't recommend that. So I have to cover it over with a brown to cover that blue, cause it looks so fake."

Cox also uses a lighter brown eyeliner shade from NYX Cosmetics on her lower lashline. "It's just a lighter, lighter brown and I put that underneath cause I don't want to look like I have too much makeup on, but I want to outline my bottom lashes," she said. Then the actress uses a slim, pointed eye blending brush to smudge out the liner. "It can be kind of messy because you don't want a hard line," she explained.

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The most important step comes next, Cox noted. "Then I curl my lashes because my lashes are really straight. This is a really important step of makeup. This is a Shiseido eyelash curler."

She finished with a few coats of her "favorite" Marc Jacobs Beauty Mascara and a dab of the Palladio Rice Paper Blotting Sheets to diminish shine. "That's it! That's my five minute makeup tip," Cox said as she smiled to the camera and showed off her completed look.

A slew of the actress' famous followers commented on the post. "Glowing," Octavia Spencer wrote with two heart emojis. "How come we always make a face when we do mascara!?!?" Debra Messing joked.

Queer Eye's Tan France was most fascinated with the choice of background music Cox played throughout the video. "It's the Star Wars music for me!"

Last year, Cox shared a beauty video getting glammed by her 16-year-old daughter Coco Arquette during quarantine. "asked coco to do my make-up... I guess you get what you pay for!" Cox jokingly captioned the post shared on Instagram.

In the video, the mother-daughter duo sat on the ground as Arquette got to work, beginning with her mom's eyeshadow. But getting the look just right wasn't as easy as she had hoped. "Well your eyes are really hard to work with mom," Arquette said as she blended the eyeshadow into Cox's crease.

When Arquette finished, her mom was surprised that the look was completed so quickly. "That's the whole makeup? This is the whole look?" she asked. Her daughter replied, "That's all I do!"

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