By StyleWatch
Updated August 06, 2010 01:00 PM

Kate Powers

Jennifer Nettles, the glam half of award-winning country duo Sugarland, is one busy lady this summer. With a new single, “Stuck Like Glue“, just released, an action packed summer tour underway and a new album in the works, it’s a wonder how the singer ever finds time to exercise and stay in shape. But, Nettles, 35, who is known for her toned body, isn’t one to let her her jam-packed schedule get in the way of working out. “I exercise five to six days a week,” the singer admits to PEOPLE. And it’s not just about hitting the gym for the Sugarland singer, who starts her day off with Fage yogurt and fresh fruit–even when she’s on tour. Her other get-fit secret? Yoga. Nettles practices Para Yoga with famed instructor Rod Stryker, who frequently joins the band on the road. And if it’s not yoga, you can catch Jennifer running and swimming to keep in shape. “When I’m home I try to do my weight training because it’s hard to have that amount of energy on the road when you’re not sleeping well.” Now, if only we had Nettles’s dedication. —Katie Kauss