July 21, 2015 10:43 PM

There’s a trend emerging in country music: Singers moonlighting as jewelry designers! First Miranda Lambert got creative with cuffs, and now Jennifer Nettles, Sugarland singer turned solo artist, is dipping her toes into the fashion biz. She’s partnered up with QVC regular Carolyn Pollack to co-design a collection of boho-inspired accessories.

Courtesy Carolyn Pollack

But according to Nettles, becoming a designer wasn’t a planned gig. In fact, the American West x Jennifer Nettles collection — which features a healthy mix of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings and can be found on QVC.com — was practically born overnight. “A mutual acquaintance asked if I’d ever been interested in doing a jewelry line, as he had a friend who he thought would be a good fit, and it was perfect: serendipity and the beauty of the universe,” she says.

While the singer loves everything in line, there’s one piece that’s a constant in her daily rotation: a turquoise-adorned chunky cuff.

“My favorite piece is the large cuff with the big, chunky turquoise stones and hammered textured silver,” she tells PEOPLE. “I stack it and wear it with one of my vintage dresses, or a simple tank and jeans. The coolest part about this line is that all the pieces can work together for funky, boho-chic layering.”

Courtesy Carolyn Pollack



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Pollack, who’s been designing jewelry for more than 20 years, didn’t actually begin her career in jewelry. She started by creating her own clothes as a teenager, she says. But now, as a successful artist, Pollack couldn’t be more thrilled to work alongside one of country music’s most popular stars.

“I have always been a huge fan, not only of her music, but of Jennifer the person,” she tells PEOPLE. “I love her energy, passion and positive vibe. She just lights up the room, and I love her natural beauty and style.”

Together, the pair melded their tastes in bling to create their own special style. “I have a special affinity for her ‘Believe’ necklace, which was the first piece we worked on,” Pollack says. “It captures Jennifer’s spirit and the way she inspires people through her work and her words. You might notice it was inspired by her tattoo, so it is pretty personal.”

So, can we expect to see more collabs down the line for Nettles? Possibly! She says she’d love to branch out from more than just jewelry. “I love to have fun in the self-expression of what I wear, so designing a clothing line would be an incredibly fun outlet of creativity for me.”

What do you think of the jewelry collection? Which piece is your favorite? Share below.

–Sarah Kinonen

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