The Bachelor breakout star talks risqué photos and why we never see Raquel on Instagram

“I love my pictures. I’m beautiful.”

Ask Corinne Olympios about her Instagram feed, and you won’t be surprised to find out that the Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise star has a healthy confidence about her posts.

Olympios was the breakout star of Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor for her attention-getting antics, including taking her bikini top on a group date, bringing in a bouncy castle for her one-on-one time with Nick and falling asleep during a rose ceremony. She also became known for her one-liners, perhaps most notably “My heart is gold, but my vagine is platinum” — a sentiment she later immortalized in her Riot Society clothing line.

Since the show, Olympios has remained busy, making countless public appearances and garnering over 745,000 Instagram followers (and counting) in the process. She’s also arguably become one of the Bachelor Nation members most known for her personal style — which she describes as “really chill and laid-back” — which she showcases regularly on her feed. (Fun fact: When PeopleStyle asked Viall in 2017 which contestant’s style he was most drawn to from his season, he said Corinne: “She’s fashion forward, certainly she shops at high-end places … certainly her fashion is to be noticed.”)

So when Olympios made her way to N.Y.C. recently, we had to have her walk us through some of her best Insta moments. Watch the full “Inside My Instagram” video above, and don’t miss some of the highlights below — from her bikini photo secrets to the story behind a recent super-sexy snap.

When it comes to accessories, Olympios has a clear favorite: her long blonde hair. Her beach waves are prominent in every post, and the the star says she’s low-key about maintenance.

“In most of my Instagram pictures, my hair is not brushed,” she admits. “I let it just do its thing.”

Aside from her hair, she says shoes are the most important accessory. “You can wear jeans and a T-shirt and wear sick shoes, and you’re set,” she says.

However, she says she “needs to stop” when it comes to buying shoes. “I literally just went into a store randomly yesterday and bought six more pairs of shoes and I shipped them home … I have a shoe addiction.”

Olympios says her shoe rack was so full she couldn’t even open her closet door: “It literally exploded and I couldn’t open the door because all the shoes were blocking it. It was crazy.”‘

The Miami-bred star is often in a bikini, so we had to ask her for her tips when posting swimsuit photos.

“Suck it in, girl,” she advises. “And don’t eat before taking a bikini photo.” She admits she’s not immune to breaking her own rules: “I’ve eaten Burger King before taking a bikini photo.”

As for the story behind a certain risqué snap Olympios posted recently, she says she simply “wanted to experiment with my body a little bit more.”

And although she didn’t the comments for the photo, one person’s feedback made it to her. “My dad immediately called me and was like, ‘What is that?!”

And any fan of Olympios’ from The Bachelor knows that the star famously had a nanny, Raquel, who worked for her family for years and brought her cheese pasta at her leisure. But surprisingly, we don’t see a lot of her on Instagram. Turns out, there’s a reason for that.

“Raquel likes to be behind the scenes,” Olympios explains. And unlike her client, “She’s not about the Insta life.”