The Cool58 Bra Coolers come in sizes A, B, C, D and larger


While summer is filled with relaxing weekend trips, beach outings and pool parties, it also brings hot and humid days that cause sweating even in the most awkward of places. Luckily, Polar Products just released a solution to all of your breast-sweat woes.

The brand, which sells hot and cold therapy products, now sells bra coolers that women can insert into their bra cups to keep cool throughout the day.

Resembling stick-on-breasts (or in slang terms “chicken cutlets”), the Cool58 Bra Coolers feature two reusable gel inserts and a cotton pouch for storing. The coolers can be activated by placing them in the freezer or refrigerator for up to an hour. Plus, these inserts are machine washable, so you don’t have to sacrifice hygiene for keeping cool.

bra cooler
Credit: Polar Products

“When you are overheated, sometimes all you need is a quick, refreshing cool down in just the right places!” the site’s description says of the product.

And to ensure the coolers don’t get too cold, they only freeze to a comfortable 58 degrees Fahrenheit.

The bra coolers retail for $37 and come in two size variations: one for cups A, B and C and one for cups D and larger.

Polar Products also sells a cooling torso wrap and a fashion cooling scarf, which comes in a paisley print.

Customers are raving about the bra inserts with one reviewer saying, “Hot flash be gone!” and another admitting they’re “keeping cool.” The Cool58 Bra Coolers currently has a 4.5 star rating on the site, but you can check them out yourself at