Whether you plan on recreating them or not, you won't be able to turn away from these amazing makeup tutorials until the transformation is complete

By Kaitlyn Frey
October 31, 2018 09:22 AM

Halloween is quickly approaching, which means tons of costume inspiration from celebrities obsessed with the holiday like Heidi Klum, Kim Kardashian West and more. But if makeup is more your thing than shopping around for the perfect costume, YouTube has you covered. Every year, thousands of beauty gurus post their over-the-top Halloween makeup creations that just keep getting better and better.

Whether you plan on recreating the looks or not, these interpretations are too amazing to be missed. Below, the mesmerizing makeup tutorials we’ll be watching on repeat until Halloween night.


If you need to throw together a last minute Halloween look and don’t have the resources for wild makeup, this dewy, sparkly mermaid look is quick and easy to execute.

Spooky Hello Kitty

There’s not much else creepier than a traditional skull face for Halloween than this creative Hello Kitty-inspired version.

Marilyn Monroe

Transform yourself into the beauty icon by using lots of false lashes and swiping on a classic bold red lipstick.

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Fortune Teller

To recreate this cool fortune teller look, layer on lots of deep plum eyeshadow with a matching matte lipstick.

Disney Villans

Follow these steps for an ultra-glam interpretation of your favorite villains from classic Disney films.

Neon Skull

Follow Covergirl brand ambassador James Charles’ simple steps to recreate this neon blue glow-in-the-dark skull face that’s the perfect balance between beautiful and spooky.


This glamorous take on a gold-adorned Medusa is the perfect Halloween look for anyone who wants to find the balance between sexy and scary.


Grab your face paint! This one will take some time — but on the bright side, to complete the rest of your look, you only need a black or orange dress to be ready to go.

Melting Robot

This tutorial doesn’t require much work for the eyes (just define the crease with some neutral shades and do a simple winged liner), but will take a bit of paint and precision to perfect the intricate robotic mouth.

Glam & Glowy Skull

If you’re looking for a more simple and straightforward approach to the classic skull face, try this look by beauty guru Chloe Morello, which features dewy skin and a black smoky eye.

Classic Cat

A girl can never go wrong being a cat for Halloween — just toss on a pair of inexpensive cat ears and follow this simple tutorial.

Daenerys from Game of Thrones

Still can’t get enough Game of Thrones after this season’s finale? Then grab an icy blonde Daenerys Targaryen wig and do this simple makeup look to feel like the Mother of Dragons.

It Girl

Play off of the recent revival of Stephen King’s It with this girl-inspired version of the classic It clown Pennywise. And spoiler alert! According to the makeup artist in this video, this tutorial actually isn’t as hard to recreate as you might expect.

Glitter Unicorn

Pull out all your unicorn, glitter and holographic makeup to create a playful unicorn look that will have you jumping over the rainbow.

Diamond Skull

Do you crave a scary costume, but don’t want it to be super scary? Then this jeweled skull look is the perfect balance between the two.

Galaxy Girl

Rock a look fit for a galaxy far, far away by mixing together and dabbing on a little face paint to transform yourself into a glamorous girl from outer space.


Sure, being a devil for Halloween seems so cliché, but spice up your costume with this fiery makeup look. Toss on a pair of devil ears, and you’re done!

The Old Taylor Swift

The old Taylor Swift may be dead (this one’s circa Met Gala 2016), but that doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t get all done up like her for Halloween.

What do you plan on dressing up as for Halloween? Tell us below!