Connie Britton's Secret to Amazing Hair Is So Easy, Everyone (Even Guys) Should Use It

That's hair-flippin' fabulous

Connie Britton knows you want to find out the secret to her amazing, luxurious locks. She knows, because she gets asked about it pretty much every time she steps on to a red carpet. And now she wants you to lean in real close, because she’s about to make a major reveal you won’t want to miss.

Connie Britton veminism video


“After years of being asked about my healthy, shiny hair, I am thrilled to share my beauty secret with you,” the Nashville says … but we’ll let her tell you in her own words:

She goes on to tout the many benefits of feminism, including a “woman’s right to vote,” “a woman’s right to her own body” and “the Violence Against Women Act.”

Britton teamed up with Nashville alumna Laura Benanti for the video, with her co-star writing and directing the spot as part of The Representation Project’s fall 2015 #AskHerMore campaign, which encourages reporters to ask women more substantial questions on the red carpet than, say, “How do you get your hair so pretty?”

The pair wanted to show off positive things feminism has already done for society as a way to encourage people to think about what it could do in the future.

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“The message of the video is: ‘Don’t be afraid of feminism,’ ” Britton tells PEOPLE. “Don’t think that feminism is something that you don’t need or something that could be threatening, because look at what it’s created already and look at what it can continue to create.”

Britton says she’s gotten a lot of attention for her hair over the years, which is why Benanti latched on to that attribute for the video. But despite the glitz that comes with actress, Britton says she’s fortunate to be “dealt with respectfully” on red carpets.

“When I started out, right from the beginning it was never about the fame for me. It was never about the glamour. It was about the craft of it,” Britton says.

The Representation Project was founded by Jennifer Siebel Newsom. The group will be live tweeting the Emmys red carpet and ceremony on Sept. 20 at @RepresentPledge.

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–Aaron Couch

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