October 25, 2017 09:43 AM

He dressed up in drag as Ursula from The Little Mermaid two years ago, and rocked a Miss Piggy from The Muppets look last year. So it was no surprise to see that this year, actor Colton Haynes would pick another iconic female in pop culture as his Halloween costume.

But ¡Ay, caramba!, this year’s choice might just be the most frightening of them all.

On Tuesday, Haynes debuted his Halloween 2017 outfit — turning heads as Simpsons’ matriarch Marge Simpson while hosting the second annual Black Magic Halloween Affair in Los Angeles, California.

Of course, not one to just stick to the norm, the 29-year-old American Horror Story: Cult star gave fans a little twist on Marge.

Sure, her googly eyes, yellow skin, orange beaded necklace, and iconic blue beehive were all there. But Haynes then turned up the volume on the animated mother of three — giving her an oversize bust, Kardashian booty, and very low-cut mini green dress.

Haynes documented the process of getting his look together on Instagram, even showing off Marge’s catwalk in a sleek boomerang.

He even had some fun, dancing “topless” to the J Balvin, Willy William and Beyoncé benefit track, “Mi Gente.”

Helping Hanyes put together the look were makeup artists Michelle PetitLaura Raczka, and Bitemares Inc. makeup artist Erik Porn — who also sculpted Haynes’ prosthetic face. In addition, the foam latex paddings were shaped by Mark Viniello, while Rbfx Studios provided Haynes’ breast prosthetics.

When the even was over, Haynes washed off Marge’s makeup in the pool — once again having fun with Marge’s femininity while dancing to “Mi Gente.”

“Post Halloween dance of shame,” he wrote in the caption to his Instagram video. “Thx @freixenetusa for letting me host such a fun party! [photo] by my love @jeffleatham who still wants to be with me even tho I act like this lol.”

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If it felt a little early for Haynes to debut his Halloween costume, that’s because he’s got something special happening in a few days: his wedding to fiancé Jeff Leatham!

“I’m freaking out,” Haynes told Entertainment Tonight earlier this month — assuring fans that while he loves Halloween, the holiday won’t be a theme of his big day. “We’re excited. It’s going to be pretty epic.”

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