August 14, 2015 10:17 PM

Tag this! Ricky’s NYC, otherwise known as our go-to beauty supply store for cult classics such as Lucas’ Pawpaw Ointment and genius hacks including no-crease hair clips, has tapped almost two dozen hugely popular beauty brands on Instagram for one super-cool shop — and PEOPLE got the first look.

Lindy Segal

Located on 489 Broadway in the heart of Manhattan’s Soho district, the 1,300-sq.-ft store called “#” (yes, you say “hashtag”), will also house some indie-turned in-demand brands (think BeautyBlender and Tangle Teezer) as well as other cool exclusives including Pop of Color (the nail polish collection from Real Housewives of New York City star Kristen Taekman).

Lindy Segal

The unique concept grew out of a desire to see big-time social media brands thrive off of your iPhone screen, says Richard Parrott, president of Ricky’s NYC. “All these brands that we have brick-and-mortar exclusives with, that have these incredibly powerful social media followings, can get lost in our bigger stores,” he says. “Then it hit me: ‘Let’s bring everybody together in one place.’ This store gives us a chance to really showcase these special brands.” And Parrott has big plans for the store’s top performers: they will roll out into other locations (there are 25 in New York and two in Florida), and could be added to the portfolio as well.

Jackie Fields

While the store puts the spotlight on star Instagram brands, it also allows die-hard and new fans the luxury of testing products before buying them, as well as the instant gratification of a point-of-sale purchase. Some of its heavy hitters include Coloured Raine, a cosmetics line that Ricky’s NYC has already seen soar in its larger stores. “We introduced the line [in one of their bigger shops] and within 24 hours we had sold so much that we expanded to all doors. People are serious about their liquid matte [lip colors],” says Ricky’s NYC Creative Director Kate Frost. Adds Anna Daoud, Director of Product Research and Development, “We could not keep ‘Marshmallow’ in stock. Girls were literally at the counter fighting for this color. It was insane.”

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Lindy Segal

Another featured brand is makeup pro-adored L.A. Girl. “All the makeup artists use it, especially the Pro Conceal,” says Daoud. “And their price points are really great so it allows yourself to try a bunch of things and just see what you like.” The store also will also carry Morphe Brushes, which has a whopping 1.3 million followers (that’s more than Carson Daly, just sayin’) and MakeUp Eraser, which thousands of people have put to the test on YouTube.

Lindy Segal

Parrott hopes to expand this face-to-face exposure with these brands to also include in-store tutorials and total makeovers. Basically, he’s bringing out the “glam” in “Instagram”. “The reality of business nowadays is you can’t just be brick and mortar and you can’t just be online, and you can’t just be social media,” he says. “We’re combining all three to make it into that experience that’s interactive, it’s extremely cutting edge, it’s on trend, and it’s so much fun.”

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— Jackie Fields

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