The star reveals what went down before he filmed his first-ever nude sex scene

By Jillian Ruffo
May 08, 2017 12:04 PM
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Credit: Todd Williamson/Getty

Just like any job, there are parts of acting in movies that are more nerve-racking than others. And according to Colin Farrell, filming sex scenes will always be uncomfortable. But the only thing he finds more cringe-worthy than shooting an intimate scene? Preparing for one. On an episode of Ellen, the star went into detail about the grooming disaster that went down before his first major nude moment on film.

Farrell tells the tale of preparing to film his first-ever sex scene back in 2000. Knowing that was the plan for the day was unnerving enough, but before going on set, he suddenly panicked over whether or not he should have manscaped.

“I went up to the director Joel Schumacher and I had on a dressing gown and nothing underneath,” he laughs. “And I was obviously so nervous that I lost my mind for a second cause I opened my dressing gown and I said, ‘It’s a bit, is it a bit…’ Cause I had, like most men, what you could refer to as ‘retro bush.'”

The two decided that some maintenence was in order, so Farrell went into the hair and makeup department, asked for a beard trimmer, and got to work.

“I went into my trailer and I got a bin and I put it there. And I sat over the bin and I got the beard trimmer — I was nervous — and I trimmed the right side a little bit and obviously had to match it, so I trimmed the left but I overshot the mark a little bit. So I had to go back in and trim the right again, and I overshot that.”

Before long, the star had reached a point of no return. “At this stage I was sweating. And I went back in and re-approached the landing on the left, and then I looked down and I had a little landing strip,” he admits, adding, “I didn’t get my full frontal after all.”

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