But the good news is being just like her is only a hamburger away

Coco Rocha has some choice words for those who think model’s don’t eat. After a lifetime of being told to go get a hamburger, she has news for all the haters out there, “Guess what, I eat my hamburgers, in fact, I love my hamburgers.” And to prove it the model mom sat down with Danielle and Laura Kosann, the sisters behind The New Potato, for a round of Shake Shack, answering all of their most pressing foodie questions for the latest installment of their series, “What’s in Your Salad?

Coco Rocha The New Potato

Donald Bowers/Getty

The first thing you should know about sharing a burger and fries with Coco? She’s a total ketchup hog, refusing to share her 3 containers with Danielle and Laura after having cultivated an obsession with the sauce from being denied it as a child due to all the sugar, a fact she totally schools The New Potato girls on.

But the good news for those aspiring to be just like Coco, according to the supermodel all you need to do (besides develop an unhealthy love of ketchup of course) is cultivate an appreciation for a “mushy” burger and then you can go ahead and call yourself a muse, a term that in her opinion is “just a word now, like supermodels,” devoid of its original meaning. But just because you now share all her quirks, don’t expect to get an invite to Coco’s dream dinner party anytime soon as those spots are reserved for Bette Midler, Liza Minelli, Elizabeth Taylor, Glenn Close, and big bowl of spaghetti bolognese.

As for the model’s exercise secret? She confesses it only came easily to her when she was pregnant because she felt as though she was doing it for someone else, making sure her baby was staying as healthy as possible. But has she worked out since giving birth? In the models words, “holding a baby that’s 20 pounds, that’s a workout in itself.”

As for the weirdest thing she’s bought online lately, it’s also newborn-centric, naturally. The model purchased a “baby bouncy trampoline thing” that’s taken over her entire living space. But photos of little Ioni James Conran in this apparatus won’t be showing up on social media anytime soon, “she has to prefect her bouncing first,” the model joked, “and then she’ll post it on Instagram. She’ll tag you guys.” Considering Coco’s baby already has 50K followers, that’s one infant you definitely want as a follower.

What’s your go-to Shake Shack order? What celeb’s favorite meal would you want to see? Sound off below!

–Emily Kirkpatrick