"Well your eyes are really hard to work with mom," the actress' 15-year-old daughter joked as she applied her eyeshadow

By Kaitlyn Frey
May 25, 2020 11:26 AM
Credit: Courteney Cox/Instagram

Courteney Cox hired a new makeup artist to do her glam while she's social distancing at home — her 15-year-old daughter Coco Arquette!

The Friends star, 55, shared a sweet video on Instagram of her daughter doing her makeup. "asked coco to do my make-up... I guess you get what you pay for!" Cox jokingly captioned the post.

In the video, the mother-daughter duo sat on the ground as Arquette got to work, beginning with her mom's eyeshadow. But getting the look just right wasn't as easy as she had hoped.

"Well your eyes are really hard to work with mom," Arquette said as she blended the eyeshadow into Cox's crease.

When Arquette finished, her mom was surprised that the look was completed so quickly. "That's the whole makeup? This is the whole look?" she asked. Her daughter replied, "That's all I do."

But then Arquette realized she needed to touch up her mom's eyeliner a bit, and when she was finally finished, she came to the conclusion: "It's either s----y eyeliner or there's something wrong with your eyeballs."

Arquette completed the look with a dab of sparkly champagne eyeshadow and some additional eyeliner drawn below Cox's eyes.

Credit: Courteney Cox/Instagram

Once the Friends actress posted the funny video, her friends began applauding the teenager's makeup skills in the comments. "Omg!!! This is so good. She gets it. Good job Coco!!! I miss you so much . Coming this summer. I’m inviting myself!!!" actress (and family friend) Suzanne Somers wrote.

Arquette previously tried to teach her mom about the social media platform TikTok and the two even showed off their synchronized dancing moves in a video.

“Wanna see your child lose their patience? Do a TikTok with them,” Cox said when she posted the video to Instagram, adding the hashtag “#familyaerobics.”

David Spade commended the dance’s grand finale. “Solid ending,” the comedian, 55, commented, adding a firework emoji.

Newly-married Erin Foster wrote, “Whoa you’re good at this.”