April 14, 2014 09:38 PM

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Coachella style is upon us, with all the tiny shorts, crochet bikinis and facial jewelry that entails. And as we scrolled through our Instagram feeds (and received many press releases for toe rings) all weekend, we had a few questions that kept coming up. Without further ado, we present them all to you, with the hopes you can help us answer them.

• Why is Kendall Jenner wearing a traditional South Asian wedding nose ring and chain? Is it disrespectful? Is it uncomfortable?
• Speaking of disrespectful, how are we feeling about Selena Gomez continuing to wear a bindi? Are you more or less offended by this than the overall eyebrow jewelry trend happening?
• How are we feeling about this eyebrow jewelry trend, by the way? Is it going to take off outside the perimeter of Coachella? Are we prepared for this?
• Gomez apparently saw this bucket hat-and-bandana combination on Justin Bieber (above, right) and let him go onstage like that. Does that mean it’s true love?
• Is there a rule that you can wear a top or pants but not both?
• Why is everyone so opposed to socks?
• What kinds of tan lines does one encounter when wearing, say, a crocheted top over frilly high-waisted shorts and ankle-high boots?

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• How big of a flower crown (modeled on the left by Sarah Hyland, wearing American Eagle) is too big? Is such a thing possible at Coachella? Is Kylie Jenner’s the upper limit or are we just getting started here?
• What temperature could it possibly be outside where it’s too hot for Chanel Iman (center) to wear any clothing besides a bikini and coin belt, but it’s not too hot for Frye moto boots?
• Is Lorde (right) wearing this crop top ironically, or is it just mandatory dress code for all people who walk inside the Coachella limits? Do they search your suitcase for crop tops before letting you in?
• How far could dry shampoo actually go after three days of this?
• Both Kellan Lutz and Jared Leto wore shirts tied around their waists (for purely decorative purposes only). What does this mean for the future of male fashion?
• Is there a “dress” version of diaper jorts and across-the-forehead daisy chain in case you get invited to a fancy event while at Coachella?

Share your answers — and any other questions you may have — in the comments.

–Alex Apatoff

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