Kanye West Sells $50 'Church Socks' and $225 Sweatshirt at Coachella Easter Sunday Service

The hefty price tags attached to Kanye West's church merch are leaving some fans fuming

In typical Kanye West fashion, the rapper and designer dropped an exclusive (and very pricey) line of Yeezy-inspired merch for fans at the special Easter version of his Sunday Services held at Coachella.

Those willing to shell out their cash lined up at massive “Church Clothes” tents on the outskirts of West’s massive Easter service for the opportunity to get decked out in their Sunday best for the epic event. Attendees snapped pics inside the tents revealing the range of cotton sweats and socks available for purchase with the least expensive item being socks for $50.

West offered two types of socks — one black pair that read “Jesus Walks” and another cream-colored pair that simply said, “Church Socks.” For $70, fans could purchase a cotton tee that read “Trust God” across the front and “Sunday Service At The Mountain” in a circular shape (like how the service was performed) across the back. There was also a $165 ivory crewneck that said “Holy Spirit,” a $225 distressed “Holy Spirit” sweatshirt and $195 sweatpants that said “Sunday Service” down the leg.

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Kanye West

While reporters at Sunday Service photographed hundreds of people lined up to get their hands on West’s designs, many called out the star for the hefty price tags attached to the merchandise.

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Kanye West brings his ‘Sunday Service’ to #Coachella, but don’t forget to buy your ‘Church Clothes’. Apparently Kanye, and Jesus, want you in $225 sweatshirts and $50 socks,” one person tweeted.

@KimKardashian @kanyewest $50 for damn socks and $165-$225 “Holy Spirit” sweaters from your Sunday Service Merch…. Either you are out of touch with reality or you are a criminal,” another upset fan wrote.

Many people couldn’t imagine dropping so much money for just a pair of basic socks. “Imagine spending 50 usd on Kanye west socks lmaoooo can’t relate,” someone tweeted. Another person agreed tweeting, “Sorry but if you’re paying $59 for socks or $225 for a sweatshirt, you’re an idiot. “Kanye West’s #Coachella merchandise burns a deep hole in the wallet.”

For the diehards who weren’t at Coachella and are dying to get their own church mech, West is offering all the pricey pieces — plus a few extras that didn’t appear to be for sale at the festival — available right now at his online shop.

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