Here's How Brooklyn Decker Got Her Most Organized Closet Ever and 'Stopped Making Impulse Purchases'

Sick of clutter? So was the supermodel. So she took steps to fix it - and now "feels much lighter"

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Everyone has had a moment in which she’s stared into a packed closet and decided she had nothing to wear. And everyone has had that moment when she’s impulsively bought something while out shopping, then found it six months later, tags still on, inside said packed closet. And despite having a larger closet than most, Brooklyn Decker is no different, which is why she and her friend Whitney Casey set out to create an app that would make both of those feelings obsolete.

Finery, which relaunches today with a new look and features, is meant to catalog everything in your closet and help you get dressed without angst and shop without waste (to the point where it will flag price reductions on items you’ve bought so you can get cash back). Since she created it, Decker says, she’s no longer the overalls-hoarding mom-on-the-go she used to be – and to prove it, she shared some of her most recent purchases bought with help from the app.


One recent purchase Decker swears by? A Calvin Klein 205 W 39 NYC plaid coat that she got secondhand – yep, celebrities use TheRealReal to do more than just sell their previously-worn clothes. “That in itself feels good because I’m buying something used,” Decker explains, sharing screenshots of some of the inspiration she got within the Finery app and the purchase page that shows her return window. “I put it on my wishlist and Finery let me know when it went on sale, so it felt like a big win. Plus, it checks all the boxes: it works with jeans and a T-shirt as well as it does for business meetings.”

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Winnie Au

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Cutting down on waste and superfluous items was a big goal for Decker in her personal life and now in her professional one. “Shopping, to me, feels much less wasteful after Finery,” she explains. “If I want to shop, I usually do it on sale and I know that whatever I’m buying already works with what I have. I’ve stopped making impulse purchases. Apparently, millennials will wear clothing items only five times … we’re hoping to change that.”

That means a multitasking blazer like the one above is where she’s going to focus her spending: “I know for me, as a new mom, I don’t have the extra time. My body is changing, my clothes are covered in spit-up. If I have the time to shop, I want to use it for sleep! My strategy is usually, does it go with what I already have, and is it versatile? Meaning can I wear it to run my son to school, to a business meeting, and to dinner? Yes? Then heck yes, that’s a smart buy.”

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Winnie Au

That doesn’t mean she won’t get the occasional fun piece (like the military-style wool cape you see on the top left shelf above – a piece she “found in a vintage shop in Austin that’s so off-the-wall weird that, oddly, it matches with everything” and that gets her compliments every time she wears it), but it does mean she’s much more careful about buying the seventh version of something before checking the app to see what’s she’s already got.

“A few years ago I had multiple pairs of overalls still hanging with tags. I’m an overall junkie. If only I could have seen that I owned too many pairs already, I probably wouldn’t have made that repeat purchase,” she says. (One item that she’ll always make room for? A perfect white T-shirt: “My favorite is xKarla for Hanes. They’re just sturdy white tees and I don’t even feel guilty about it because they really do go with everything in my wardrobe.”)


Decker doesn’t just use the app to buy new things, though – she also was reminded that her new favorite dress for summer, a Charles Anastase denim mini she found at La Garçonne, was already hanging in her closet. “This was actually an item I bought years ago that was sitting unworn in the back of my closet,” she said. “I was scrolling through Finery and stumbled across it. This was the perfect piece for my post-baby bod that I forgot I had, and it would have continued collecting dust had I not seen it in my Finery wardrobe. Score.”

And even with an app dedicated to corralling closet chaos, there’s only one thing that truly can keep things looking as beautiful as they did when Decker gave us a tour of her wardrobe last year: “Purging. Regularly ridding myself of the things I no longer use. As a pack rat, it goes against everything in my being- but I always feel so much lighter after a nice closet purge!”

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