Clive Owen Gets Stylish On Set With Armani

Andrew Schwartz/Universal Studios

He’s dashing in his own right, but actor Clive Owen is about to set even more hearts a-flutter with a little help from two of the world’s foremost tastemakers. Giorgio Armani and two-time Academy Award-winning costume designer Albert Wolsky have teamed up to give actor a dapper wardrobe for his latest picture Duplicity, a romantic spy flick which he stars in with Julia Roberts. And while cinematic styling collaborations are nothing new to Armani, who has contributed to everything from American Gigolo to The Dark Knight over his 34-year career, this venture was an exciting opportunity. “This film collaboration was an interesting experience for me,” Armani says. “My friend, the immensely talented and handsome Clive Owen, was the first person to bring Duplicity and writer/director Tony Gilroy to my attention while he was attending my men’s show in Milan. I said, ‘Yes,’ before I even knew I would have the honor of collaborating with legendary costume designer Albert Wolsky. Albert has that rarified gift for being able to make clothing a leading character in a film. Combine that with dressing Clive in a romantic caper—and that really becomes movie magic for a fashion designer.” And Clive returns the compliment, saying, “When Tony Gilroy said to me the brief for this movie is ‘You have to look great,’ the first thing I did was call Giorgio and ask him to do my clothes. And I have to say, I’ve never been better dressed in a movie. The clothes are electric. Armani and Wolsky are the masters.” Tell us: Do you plan on checking out Clive’s look in Duplicity when it hits theaters March 20th?

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