In her latest selfie, the freshly-turned 50-year-old proved she's an iconic supermodel for a reason.


It goes without saying, Cindy Crawford is gorgeous. After all, she didn’t become one of the most iconic, enduring supermodels of her generation for no reason. If her mini-me daughter Kaia Gerber wasn’t testament enough that Crawford is blessed with super-human genetics, then simply take a gander at the selfie she posted to her Instagram account to celebrate her 50th birthday.

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Cindy Crawford/Instagram

Cindy’s heyday for walking the catwalk may have been back in the 90s, but in the selfie she posted yesterday, the super doesn’t look a single day past her modeling prime. Wearing a multi-color pink floral top, a delicate gold choker, and not a stitch of makeup in sight, Crawford showed off her naturally wrinkle-free visage and glowy, luminous skin. She captioned the shot, “First day at 50. Thank you for all of the birthday wishes yesterday! ?”

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We already knew that Crawford is a timeless beauty with style to spare, but this post really drives that point home, proving the model is beyond worthy of being your number one girl crush. Now if she’d just tell us what type of skincare routine produces this Benjamin Button-esque aging situation…

What do you think of Cindy Crawford’s first 50-year-old selfie? Can you believe how youthful the 90s supermodel looks?

–Emily Kirkpatrick