Supermodel Cindy Crawford talks aging, wellness and the modeling advice she gives Kaia Gerber

Even without wearing an ounce of makeup, Cindy Crawford makes 51 look like the new 25. But that doesn’t mean the supermodel doesn’t feel the effects of aging just like everyone else.

“Sometimes I say for a shoot as I get older, ‘Look guys, I have no idea what I’ll look like when I get up. I’ll wake up at 6:00, but I’m just saying you won’t want to shoot the close-up until after 9:00’,” Crawford told The Cut. ” You feel a little apologetic that you can’t deliver in the same way that you could when you were 20 or 25.”

Although we may not be able to tell, Crawford admits “everything changes,” which she particularly notices now that her daughter Kaia Gerber’s following in her footsteps and becoming a model too.

“I have pillow lines that last so much longer now. Kaia can wake up and even if she’s puffy from having sushi the night before, her face goes back to normal in 15 minutes!” she said. “For me, I wouldn’t even eat that now because it would take the whole day for it to go down.”

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Crawford follows a strict skincare regimen, works out at least three times a week (if not more) and avoids “white foods” like bread and pasta, but still notices little things changing each year as she gets older.

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“Your skin, your hair, your body. I take care of myself but I know that I’m a 51-year-old woman,” she said. “There are times when that’s hard and I’m also sure it’s hard for my sisters who aren’t models. I want to do my job well, and I want to deliver but I also know that what I have to offer now is different from what I had to offer at 25.”

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When it comes to taking care of herself, Crawford isn’t a believer in beauty secrets — she’s an advocate for consistency. “When people say, ‘What are your beauty secrets?’ I’m like, the beauty secrets are that there are no secrets. We all know: Get enough sleep, drink water, don’t smoke. We all know those things — the secret is doing it consistently,” she said.

She does have some words of advice for her daughter, especially after the 16-year-old just came off her first fashion month (which Crawford stayed by her side for from beginning to end).

“The good thing is that she’s grown up with seeing how I take care of myself, so I don’t really have to say that much to her. She’s seen me going to bed early if I have an early call the next day or waking up early to squeeze in a workout,” Crawford said. “Maybe it’s just my kids, but they act like they’re not listening to what you say, so I have to live by example.”

She continued: “I just went with her on her first fashion season and I think the only advice I gave her was that you can only sleep five or six hours, one night or two nights in a row. It’s cumulative — take the time to catch up on your sleep and have alone time.”

Most importantly, Crawford reminds Gerber that at times, you need to take a step away from all the glitz and glam of the modeling world.

“You need time when nobody is touching you. You need to take your makeup off, put sweatpants on, and step away from the fabulous world of fashion for a minute or two,” she said. “The people [who are touching you], their job is to make you look better, so you’re so grateful. But there is an abnormal amount of attention on you and sometimes you need to step away to realize that’s just not normal.”

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