Ciara's Wedding Dress Was So Big It Didn't Fit Inside the Church

The singer's wedding planner spilled on all the behind-the-scenes nuptial drama


If you’ve seen even a single photo from Ciara‘s wedding to Russell Wilson, you know that Disney princesses have nothing on the singer’s big day. The castle outside Liverpool, the Downton Abbey-caliber photographs, and of course, that custom Peter Dundas dress with an epic 13-foot train. But even the most fairytale wedding doesn’t get pulled off without a hitch — as wedding planner Mindy Weiss confessed to The Knot recently.

In her interview with the wedding site, Weiss revealed that the gown Ciara wore on her big day was in fact even more drop dead gorgeous in real life. “Her dress in person was so much more spectacular than in the pictures,” the wedding planner says, “though in the pictures, they’re beautiful. In person, it was shockingly beautiful.” However, beautiful as it may be, the dress still had its shortcomings, namely being too gigantic for the room the pop star was supposed to get married in. Weiss says, “Inside the castle, they had a chapel but it was too small because her dress was 13-ft.”

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But it wasn’t just the size of the wedding dress the newlyweds struggled with on their big day. They also had difficulty finding a venue to hold the ceremony. “I did the whole thing — three times,” Weiss revealed, “They were first getting married in North Carolina, but they called it off due to the transgender bathroom laws.” Then they thought a quick jaunt to Paris, the the most romantic city in the world, would be perfect, but, “it ended up being [Couture] Fashion Week and it was really difficult.” Finally, Weiss says, “We ended up in London. They wanted to be away. And we found a castle that was an hour out of Liverpool and they had about 110 guests.”

Good to know orchestrating even the most photogenic, fairytale wedding ceremony in history still doesn’t come easy.

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