Ciara Is 'Inspiring Women to Shine Bright' as Pandora Jewelry's Newest Brand Ambassador

Ciara is the face of Pandora Jewelry's first 18 karat gold-plated jewelry collection

Ciara has a new partnership to add to her growing list of accomplishments. The Grammy Award-winning artist, face of Revlon, wife to NFL player Russell Wilson, and mom of two has just been named the brand ambassador for Pandora Jewelry’s Radiant Shine, 18 karat gold-plated sterling silver jewelry collection.

“I feel like I am a part of history right now because it is the first time Pandora has done this type of collection” Ciara told PeopleStyle leading up to the announcement. “I’ve been a huge fan of the brand for years, since I was growing up. For me, I felt honored that they chose me.”

There’s something everyone will love in the collection, and even Ciara has one item from the line she constantly is wearing more than the rest: The honeycomb choker.

“In the campaign photo, I wore two together. I like stacking them. With this choker, you can mix anything with it and it looks good.”


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In honor of her exciting new collaboration, we caught up with the singer to talk all things jewelry, style and more.

On Her Most Sentimental Piece of Jewelry:

I actually have a few. I would say my engagement ring and my bands obviously are really special for many reasons. becoming one with someone, it doesn’t get any more special and sweeter than that.

I also have these dog tags I got for myself and one for my husband with our kids’ [son Future, 3, and daughter Sienna, 10 months] birth dates on them. I got it for him in celebration of Father’s Day and of course I wanted to match, so I got them made for all of us. Future will not wear his, but I think eventually he will want to. I take Sienna’s and wrap it around my wrist like a bracelet sometimes.


On What Pieces She’s Saving for Her Daughter:

It’s funny because Russell said just the other day, “You should save some of these cool shoes for her.” And I was like, “That is actually a really good idea.” I was always saving them in general because I think what better way than like, twenty years from now to pull out some vintage heels or sneakers or boots. But now it is cool because she will be able to have all of this cool fashion that I pass down to her.

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On Passed Down Jewelry:

I actually don’t have any jewelry pieces from my mom! I was thinking about that. But I think now being a part of this collection, it is kind of inspiring me to say like, “Uh, what do you have in your closet that I can take?”


On Her Style Philosophy in Her 30s:

Thirties is not old! I think you just gotta stay fresh. I think that is the cool thing about fashion. You can’t mark yourself by your age. You just rock what feels good to you and keep it fresh.

On Her Accessorizing Mantra:

I like to express myself through accessories based off of my mood. My jewelry aesthetic is stack, stack, stack! I believe the more the better, the more the cooler, the more the fresher! Because even if you’re dressed down and you stack on your jewelry you just kind of up your look 10 notches. It lifts the look completely. That’s kind of my approach.


On Her Spring Hair Must-Have:

It depends on how I am wearing it! With my curly hair, I feel like you need to have a classic water spray bottle to wet up the curls and keep the spirals going. So having a spray bottle with water on standby is always necessary. And then a good pomade to keep things sleek because when you’re outside in the heat sometimes your hair can start frizzing up a bit. I use a little bit of the Mizani Lived In Sculpting Paste or Mizani 25 Miracle Milk Leave-In Treatment to control the edges is good.

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