Pre-Pregnancy Ciara Is a 'Nasty Girl' for 'Love' Magazine's Latest Advent Video

The singer danced in a lace bodysuit for the publication's annual holiday countdown


We are half way through the most wonderful time of the year, and no we’re not talking about the holiday season, but rather the month-long Love magazine advent calendar. And at this point, after a slew of your favorite Victoria’s Secret supermodels and Instagram It Girls have already had their turn posing in their underpinnings for the annual countdown, you’re probably thinking, how many more tricks could they possibly have up their sleeve? Well, you might want to sit down for this one because for day 15, Love is pulling out the big guns, enlisting not only Ciara, but also a unicorn, and a very special cameo from Keyboard Cat.

Unlike the magazine’s other shorts from this month which tended to stick to a general storyline, albeit ones borrowed from iconic films, their latest video directed by longtime calendar collaborator Dough Inglish features a whole lot to inexplicable elements jam-packed into one solid minute of entertainment. While doing some very 80s vogueing, running her hands up and down the length of her body and winking at the camera all appropriately set to the song “Nasty Girl” by Vanity 6, Ciara wears a forest green lace jumpsuit and corset by Dsquared2, a hat with superhero eyehole cutouts by Agent Provocateur and a coat and platform boots by Marc Jacobs.

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But the ill-use of the pop star’s unparalleled dance moves are not even anywhere close to the oddest thing about this video. In addition to multiple Ciara’s slowly gyrating in front of a green screen, there’s also a very overwhelming bubble machine, a touch of VHS distortion to give it that pseudo-retro feel, beams of light randomly emanating from her face, and of course a cartoon unicorn prancing through the background. Oddly enough, all of that truly pales in comparison to the biggest surprise cameo of the year around the 50 second mark—an appearance by keyboard cat.

Honestly, however, this random ensemble of elements seem only more superfluous when you realize they could have just made day 15 Ciara’s music video for her song “Ride” and called it a day because no mere mortal will ever surpass that level of sexy.

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