The 48-year-old supermodel shares the secret to her ageless complexion, and what product she snags from husband Ed Burns

By Kaitlyn Frey
Updated February 13, 2017 11:49 AM
Credit: Coveteur/Alec Kugler

You might expect a supermodel to pass along her expensive creams, lotions and shampoos to husband. But for supermodel Christy Turlington Burns, who’s been married to actor-director Ed Burns for almost 14 years, it’s sometimes the opposite.

“I borrow my husband’s pomade sometimes, which is all he uses,” the model told Coveteur. “My hair is actually curly, so if I have it up or back, I’ll use that to keep it in place.”

Pomade isn’t the only male-marketed product this the 48-year-old supermodel likes to use. She also enjoys wearing men’s cologne every-so-often too, especially since Burns doesn’t like to wear any!

“I have [worn men’s scents] over the years. I typically like single-scent type of scents like sandalwood and amber. But I wear those by themselves, so when they get more complex, they aren’t as me,” Turlington said. “Eddie doesn’t really wear scents, so I can influence him!”

Credit: Coveteur/Alec Kugler

However Turlington said her husband does like to moisturize, and the couple uses the rest of each other’s beauty products interchangeably. “We pretty much share whatever shampoos or conditioners we use. He loves cream, and I think most guys do,” she said. “He’ll take whatever I have, [but] he overuses!”

Although the model says she doesn’t “really have a regime” besides cleansing her face and moisturizing because she likes to “get on with it,” she does maintain an active lifestyle is a vital for a youthful glow.

“I think running and yoga are kind of the critical piece. I think it’s important to breathe and move and sweat and all those things,” she said. “The more yoga I do, the longer I’ll live. And I love the community aspect of running. The more that I run, the more people say, ‘Oh! Hey! I want to try that!'”

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