Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn Reveals the Truth About Her Over-the-Top Hairstyles

Plus, she talks about her extravagant wedding and weighs in on all the drama around the hit Netflix show

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Watch Christine Quinn for just 30 seconds on Netflix's breakout reality show Selling Sunset and it's clear that she's an open book. So when the candid real estate agent, 31, sat down with PEOPLE over Zoom we were excited to get all the tea. First on the agenda? Her hair: real or faux?

"Well, this is all my hair, but the ponytails obviously are not," Quinn admits of the dramatic extensions she wears while filming. "The ponytails are clip-ins and pieces and stuff like that. I love playing with clip-ins and just making it really thick and extra."

Even though the Los Angeles-based realtor admits she's had short hair in the past, right now she's all about the length. To help it naturally grow, she relies on the hair growth supplement, Nutrafol, which she discovered on Amazon and now swears by.

Christine Quinn

"But I do take vitamins every day and the vitamins that I use is not an ad because I reached out to them and they wouldn't send me anything!" Quinn jokingly says. "But I'll give you the low down. It's from Amazon and it's called Nutrafol and it's great."

When she's getting ready to shoot a scene for Selling Sunset, Quinn says there's a good amount of effort that goes into her hair and makeup routine.

"For an average scene, my glam takes a minimum of two-and-a-half hours, but more on the end of three," she says. "Depending on the hairstyle that we do, sometimes a hairstyle in and of itself can take two hours, depending on how extravagant it is. The look with chains took probably around two hours, but it's worth it."

Christine Quinn

Quinn spares no expense when it comes to her beauty routine either, and selected one of the most luxurious, high-end perfumes (it retails for $440!) to wear on her wedding day: Bond No.9 New York.

"I probably have 350 perfumes. I'm a huge perfume junkie. I'm really into the Bond Collection. I was wearing Number 007 from Bond on my wedding day," she says.

When it came to her non-traditional strapless black wedding dress, Quinn says she's still "thrilled" with the "bold" choice she made.

"I feel like they were such strong statements in everything that I do. I was so happy with it and it was executed perfectly," she explains. "My vision just really, really just came out to play that night. I wouldn't change anything."

Seasons 1-3 of Selling Sunset are streaming now on Netflix.

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