Christina Clemons Sports Doritos Earrings, Plus More Glam Moments from the U.S. Olympic Track Trials

The athlete also wore jewel-embellished hair pins as she crossed the finish line in the 100m hurdles at the U.S. Olympic track and field trials

Christina Clemons
Photo: Andy Lyons/Getty

This year, track and field stars aren't just making headlines for their remarkable performances — they're also being praised for their race day glam.

Leading the pack at the U.S. Olympic track and field trials in Eugene, Oregon was hurdler Christina Clemons, who secured her spot at the Tokyo Olympics in the 100m hurdles while wearing dangly Cool Ranch Doritos earrings.

The athlete, 31, told Yahoo Sports that she picked up the fun $8 accessory at a Hot Topic in Eugene, Oregon the night before the race.

"When I bought them, I didn't think it would be a big thing at all," Clemons told the outlet. "I was like, 'Oh, these are so cute.' I love Doritos and they matched my uniform, so I decided to wear them in the final."

EUGENE, OREGON - JUNE 20: Christina Clemons cries after the Women's 100 Meter Hurdles Final on day three of the 2020 U.S. Olympic Track & Field Team Trials at Hayward Field on June 20, 2021 in Eugene, Oregon.
Patrick Smith/Getty

She sported a few more eye-catching accessories on race day too, including a "Wild" hair clip and jewel-embellished bobby pins.

"Doritos sales after this📈📈📈" one Instagram user wrote in the comment section of an ESPN Instagram post.

Although Clemons' race day accessories were light hearted, her journey to Tokyo has been anything but — in an Instagram post on Monday, the athlete reflected on the many "setbacks" and "disappointments" she's experienced over the course of her career.

"To everyone who has lost more than they've won, to everyone who is waiting on a breakthrough: I just want you to see me as a walking testimony of where faith and grit can take you," she wrote.

"To be used by God as a symbol of hope is the BIGGEST blessing of my life. When you're feeling weary, remember me. When you're feeling forgotten, remember me. When you think you've hit your breaking point, remember me but mostly remember these words: The amount of love God has for you trumps the pain you feel and if you can just be patient (not your type of patient but Gods type of patient), and allow God to build your CHARACTER, you will turn out to be the best you possible."

Clemons continued, "You will begin to live in your purpose. You will shine and be set free! God can turn around any situation believe me, your time is coming and when it's here you'll appreciate at it so much more than you ever could have before! 💫 #choosethefight."

Another track star to make headlines this week was sprinter Sha'Carri Richardson. After winning the 100m dash, Richardson told NBC how much she appreciates her family's constant support and took to the stands to hug her grandmother, who kissed her forehead in a touching post-victory moment.

Sha'Carri Richardson reacts after competing in the Women's 100 Meter Semi-finals on day 2 of the 2020 U.S. Olympic Track & Field Team Trials at Hayward Field on June 19, 2021
Patrick Smith/Getty

As if her talent and charm weren't enough, the athlete has also gained quite a bit of attention for her love of all things glam — Richardson qualified for Tokyo wearing acrylic nails adorned with glitter designs and spidery long eyelashes and bright orange wig styled half-up, half-down.

The rising star later told USA Today the standout color symbolizes "running on fire" and was chosen by her girlfriend. "She said it spoke to her, the fact that it was just so loud and vibrant, and that's who I am," Richardson explained.

"#BlackExcellence," actor Billy Porter captioned a photo of Richardson on Instagram.

According to the Olympics' official website, Richardson has said that her hair hue is a way of expressing herself.

"The color is based off how I want to feel. Like the red puts me in a very dominating mood. And sometimes I feel that can be overwhelming, so when I need to calm down I have black hair. The black calms me and makes me blend in instead of being extra," she explained.

Vashti Cunningham
Patrick Smith/Getty

Other track athletes that brought their style to the starting line included high jumper Vashti Cunningham, who rocked the perfect black cat-eye look as she secured a spot on team USA.

Rachel McCoy
Patrick Smith/Getty

Another high jumper, Rachel McCoy, rocked her pink hair (which matched her uniform) during her fourth-place performance.

Tori Franklin
Andy Lyons/Getty

While triple jumper Tori Franklin joined team USA with a white hair bow in place during the competition.

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