Christie Brinkley Says This Anti-Wrinkle Tool Saved Her from 'Old Pirate' Skin After Hours in the Sun

The 67-year-old actress and model is the new face of SBLA's Neck, Chin and Jawline Sculpting Wand

Christie Brinkley isn't shy to admit that she's missing her regular visits to the dermatologist for skin treatments and Botox injections. But the multi-hyphenate star has a huge network of friends to exchange tips with — and she's been crowdsourcing them for product recommendations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

That's how she discovered a beauty tool that she says diminished wrinkles, while blending hyper-pigmented spots and smoothing crepey skin. If it sounds like a magic wand, it's basically the next best thing — SBLA's Neck, Chin & Jawline Sculpting Wand.

The beauty tool brand (which previously went by the name Spencer Barnes LA and touts its clinically-proven "fat burning technology") didn't actually tap Brinkley, 67, as its new ambassador — she tapped them.

Christie Brinkley’s new skincare partnership with SBL
Courtesy SBLA

Brinkley started using the non-surgical rollerball devices, which deliver measured doses of the special anti-aging formula to build collagen and brighten skin, "religiously" during quarantine and put them to the ultimate test. "I took them with me when I went down to the Caribbean where usually my skin starts looking like an old pirate by the time I'm coming home," Brinkley tells PEOPLE. "Honestly, I never came home so unscathed from all those hours in the salt water and the sun."

She was "so thrilled" she actually called up the CEO Randi Shinder herself to see how they can join forces.

"We were so thrilled to learn about Christie's passion for our products because not only is she a legend in the beauty industry, but she truly shares the same mindset that we have in making a difference in the lives of women and men and the new vision of the company," Shinder said in a statement. "This equity partnership is a demonstration of our unique place with consumers and the desire for women to feel their best without anything invasive or painful."

Brinkley's skin may appear wrinkle free, but she assures us, the lines are there. Her brow (which she says was "more furrowed than ever" worrying about her three kids amid the coronavirus pandemic) were zapped away with the Facial Instant Sculpting Wand, as were wrinkles on her chest and cleavage with the Neck, Chin & Jawline device. "I had [wrinkles] in my cleavage line. You don't want the cleavage line to be full of wrinkles! In just a couple of months that I've been using [the wand], I think they have completely faded, they're diminished."

The real test though, came when she used it on her neck — the only area she says she gets Botox. "I can stand having 'stringers' [on the neck] a little longer between trying to get to my dermatologist where he'll inject them with a little bit of Botox and make them flatten out. So, it's just not as noticeable when your skin texture is cared for. And that's what these have done for me."

As part of the new partnership, Brinkley will continue to spill all-things beauty, on a new Instagram account she is creating with Shinder. "It's going to be dedicated to beauty and wellness and style and all the things that we love talking about and sharing with each other. Women, especially women over 50, have very specific beauty needs, and I think I have a lot to share in that area since I've turned 50 years old 17 times now."

The superstar, who just turned 67, regularly breaks the internet on her personal Instagram account with her sexy swimsuit snaps, and most recently, with her pre-birthday sports bra selfie, but says she doesn't always love the praise.

"I get a little bit embarrassed about the kind of attention," Brinkley says about her viral posts. "I am aware that sometimes looking through a magazine or an Instagram can make women not feel very good about themselves. Sometimes when people are raving like that, I feel like my response is, 'No, no. no. I just posted a picture that's really flattering.' I'm obviously not going to put up the worst ones. But I hope in doing that, that it's inspirational in that I did just turn 67."

She hopes it inspires people to take care of their bodies — no matter what age they are. She says she has slowly been regaining strength in her shoulder, which was injured when she broke her arm on Dancing with the Stars in 2019 and it's been "firming back up" again at 67. "It is possible. That's the message that I hope that these pictures inspire people to know that you're never too old to get it together, that the body will respond when you give it the right tools, when you treat it right, and I want to help women do that."

"And I hope that these pictures just serve as inspiration that your body is really a miraculous piece of technology itself. That with the proper care, you'll be surprised."

When asked how she kept up her sunny social media presence that's as bubbly as her Bellissima Prosecco, especially over the last year, she immediately replies: "Gratitude."

"I've been saying it for so many years, but gratitude truly is the key to a happy life. When you are capable of looking around you, no matter what's going on, and being grateful for the good things that you still do have."

"My gratitude list always starts with my kids," she says holding back tears, while talking about daughters Alexa Ray Joel, 35, and Sailor Brinkley-Cook, 22, and son Jack Brinkley-Cook, 25. "And then from there it's like... Wow. Two arms, two legs, my sight, my life, a roof over my head, somehow or another a career that keeps marching on that I love, and my friends who make me laugh. I can get so choked up about how many things... That we're on this beautiful planet, that in the whole universe, there's nothing like this. I'm just so grateful for it all."

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