The supermodel tells fellow NYDJ spokeswomen Ashley Graham and Bridget Moynahan about an unfortunate incident 

By Sharon Kanter
September 14, 2016 02:29 PM

The red carpet isn’t always as glamorous as it looks.

That is, at least, according to Christie Brinkley, who joined her fellow NYDJ campaign stars Ashley Graham and Bridget Moynahan to talk all things red carpet with PeopleStyle for our “5 Questions” video series.

In the clip, the supermodel explains that sometimes your sweat glands can get the best of you, like when she presented Kate Upton with the Model of the Year Award at the 2013 Style Awards in New York City. “I was giving an award to Kate Upton so you kind of needed to look good and everything,” says Brinkley.

The only problem? She was late.

“So I did this rush,” she says. “[The red carpet] was way back in Lincoln Center and I had to run in high heels. And when I got to the carpet, I just started sweating. And I’m vegetarian, I don’t sweat that much! And before I knew it there was a waterfall [coming down my head]. Literally.”

Courtesy of NYDJ
Courtesy of NYDJ

Meanwhile, Ashley Graham says her red carpet experiences haven’t been plagued with sweat as much as they’ve become a place to learn about strengthening confidence. “Being a big girl in the fashion industry, a lot of people haven’t really wanted to loan anything to me,” she says of finding dresses. “So I’ve done a lot of buying and returning — don’t tell Bergdorf’s.”

However, that’s changed since her rise to the top of her field. “The first time [loaned a dress to me] was the Oscars,” she says. “Someone actually reached out to me and said they wanted to design a dress for me, and it was Bao Tranchi. And it’s still, to this day, is my number one, love of my life Oscar moment. And I had my bra out, I had my hourglass popping, I was in red!”

Alberto E Rodriguez/WireImage
Alberto E Rodriguez/WireImage

The lesson? Red carpets can be good and bad — and everything in between!

View the full video above to find out more fun red carpet secrets from Brinkley, Graham and Monyahan.