Supermodel Christie Brinkley, 62, Shares Her Botox Tips: 'You Still Should Look Like You'

The industry vet gets real about plastic surgery and more in a new interview

Christie Brinkley
Photo: Ruven Afanador for NewBeauty

Although supermodel vet Christie Brinkley was told her modeling days were over at 30, the 62-year-old industry icon is still thriving in the industry (she recently launched an eponymous skincare line and this fall, she shared a NYDJ campaign with Ashley Graham). Her most recent gig? Landing the cover of NewBeauty, in which she opens up about Botox, her skincare routine and more.

Brinkley, who has openly admitted to undergoing a few procedures over the years (including fillers), advises those interested in similar anti-aging treatments should proceed with a delicate hand.

“If you want to look refreshed, it has to be with a light hand,” she told NewBeauty. “It’s one of the biggest mistakes when people deliberately go for that ‘done’ appearance — to each his own, obviously, but that’s not good. It’s important to choose the right doctor if you want to do anything along those lines. Don’t change your face; maybe just change a wrinkle or two that’s bothering you. You still should look like you.”

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Aside from slight cosmetic enhancements (and really good genes!), Brinkley credits her smooth supermodel skin to her veggie-rich diet (she’s a vegetarian) and her line of Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare products, of course.

“It’s important for me to really believe in any product that I put my name on, or else I wouldn’t put my name on it,” she said. “I see women all the time commenting on my Instagram pictures saying, ‘I’m not going to buy her skincare because she goes to a dermatologist and it’s all fake! She doesn’t really use that.’ Yes, I do! I wouldn’t tell you to use it if I didn’t use it too. I couldn’t be doing this so long if I didn’t have credibility.”

Christie Brinkley
Ruven Afanador for NewBeauty

Ruven Afanador for NewBeauty

And speaking of Instagram, the model says she’s been noticing a new body positivity movement within social media (thanks to celebrities like the Kardashians), which is a vast contrast to the size expectation she experienced during her early modeling days.

“There’s just sort of a social thing that always happens, whether we are aware of it or not,” she said. “Right now, it seems like every young woman is obsessed with her derrière, whereas it wasn’t that long ago that everyone wanted that thin, linear not-very-healthy, ‘heroin-chic’ look. Now, it seems like everyone is back to appreciating every type of woman.”

For more on Brinkley’s routine (and a few of her favorite beauty hacks), pick up the latest issue of NewBeauty, which hits newsstands Sept. 27.

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