Christian Siriano Owns 'Maybe 20 Pairs' of Glasses, But Always Wears the Same Ones Every Day

The fashion designer talks all things eyewear in honor of his new partnership with Transition Optics

When you think of designer Christian Siriano, it’s hard to imagine him without accessorizing with his signature black-rimmed glasses. So when the opportunity to partner with Transitions Optical to celebrate the the brand’s colorful, fashion-forward lenses presented itself, Siriano knew it was a perfect match.

“It’s nice to work on something that feels very like something I wanted or needed,” Siriano told PEOPLE. “Getting dressed everyday should be a fun experience so why should your eyewear be any different? These lenses give wearers freedom of expression and comfortable vision day and night. I’m loving the product.”

The experience working with the brand, known for its smart lenses that adjust to the perfect tint when you step outdoors to protect your eyes, has even inspired Siriano to switch up his eyewear look more than he has ever before.

Christian Siriano - Photo

“I’m actually really bad that I never change my glasses. I wear my glasses and never put sunglasses on, which is a really bad habit,” he told us. “I probably have maybe 20 pairs of glasses and I literally wear the same pair every day. But with these new lenses with different colors I am going to start switching them out more because now I actually have a reason to.”

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He added, “I just got a pair of really cool gold lenses that I like and there’s also a classic silver tone. I’m going to try and switch it up.”

And perfectly timed with his partnership, Siriano unveiled his own Resort 2019 collection, which included ’60s cat eye sunglasses with Transitions lenses popped in.

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“I put these different lenses kind of in my typical sunglasses shape. The frames itself are modern, square and really bright colors. It was inspired by a Barbie Dream House kind of vibe so they’re fun and quirky. So all around think girls will look really cool,” he told us.

Christian Siriano Resort 2016
Rob Kim/Getty

When it comes to Siriano’s personal eyewear aesthetic, the designer described his go-to look as “pretty classic and simple” with a “cool dark frame,” but admitted he wasn’t always fond of his glasses.

“I’ve had them since I was 12 or 13 and of course, when you’re young, you’re like, ‘Oh my god,'” Siriano said. “You just feel like a nerd. But now I can’t imagine not wearing them. It is so funny. It is my look now. I love how they have become such an accessory for people to wear if even if they don’t need them.”

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