Christian Siriano and Chris March competed together on season 4 of Project Runway, which Siriano won and March placed 4th on

By Maria Pasquini
September 07, 2019 11:10 AM
Bennett Raglin/WireImage

Christian Siriano is mourning the loss of his Project Runway peer Chris March, who died on Thursday at the age of 56.

Chris you brought so much beauty into this world and will truly be missed,” the fashion designer, 33, wrote on social media alongside a black and white photo of the pair.

The pair competed in season 4 of Project Runway together, which Siriano won and March placed 4th on. March also appeared on Project Runways All Stars and had his own show, Mad Fashion, on Bravo, where he designed client Chrissy Teigen‘s 2011 Met Gala gown and made custom creations for Jennifer Coolidge, Dina Manzo, among others.

“It was an honor to share a very special experience with you,” he continued, adding that he hoped March was “resting someplace beautiful dressed in one of your unbelievable creations.”

Siriano went on to encourage others to think of March’s loved ones during this time.

“Chris you will truly be missed,” he captioned the image, urging others to “send your love to his family.”

March died on Thursday afternoon following an extensive health battle that included being placed in a medically induced coma and suffering paralysis in his both legs, as well as his arm and hand.

Fellow Bravo star Andy Cohen also shared his own tribute to March, posting a photo of the late star’s hilarious Lisa Vanderpump costume, which was taken during a special Halloween episode Watch What Happens Live.

“This is how I’m going to remember Chris March, dressed as Lisa Vanderpump as I wear a Giggy costume he made for one of our first Halloween specials,” Cohen, 51, wrote. “Chris was a finalist on Season 4 of Project Runway.”

“He designed for everyone from Beyoncé, Gaga, Madonna, Meryl, Prince and many legendary downtown drag queens (And Sonja Morgan!). He had a big booming laugh; he was a joy and delight. #RIP” he continued.

A spokesperson for Bravo told PEOPLE in a statement, “We are deeply saddened by the news of Chris March’s passing. He was a favorite among Bravo fans and the fashion community. Our condolences go out to his family and friends. He will truly be missed.”

March’s death comes two years after the designer had a near-fatal accident in June 2017.

At the time, March fell in his apartment, hit his head and awoke four days later. When he got to the hospital, he was put in a medically induced coma, in which he remained for two months before waking up to find that he was paralyzed in both legs from the knees down, as well as his right hand and arm.

“I passed out and laid there for four days,” he told Entertainment Weekly in a statement from 2018. “I woke up and called 911 and somehow got to the hospital.”

“In the hospital, all sorts of medical problems happened: My blood sugar was over 500. My organs started failing, my right lung collapsed, and they had to give me a tracheotomy and put me on a ventilator,” he added.

Chris March

After his fall, he had several setbacks in his recovery. He started a GoFundMe page to help offset the enormous cost of medical bills and kept fans updated on the struggles he faced.

In a statement shared with PEOPLE at the time — and posted on his GoFundMe website in March — he said the biggest hardship he faced was his inflated medical insurance.

“I am also in need of leg braces, specialized physical therapy, a hearing aid, and a new living arrangement,” he wrote.

March was currently living in a space that was “unbearable” and made him “anxious and depressed every day” writing that in the nursing facility he had to “deal with homophobia, shortage of rehab personnel and lack of funds.”

Chris March

Despite his setbacks after the fall, March found the strength to fight in his signature style, sharing a photo of himself in a nurse uniform with a colorful wig.

“In the face of all my setbacks, I try to remain positive — the leg braces are an exciting new tool on my road to recovery,” he wrote. “I am trying to get my tracheotomy removed, and I try my best to effect positive change in this facility for myself and all the residents here.”

March added, “I try to add humor, glamour, and a little glitter to my world.”