Chrissy Teigen has teamed up with TRESemmé! Read on for her (hilarious) hair secrets

By catherinekast
Updated February 12, 2016 04:29 AM

Chrissy Teigen has always had a major mane: She’s been long, short, and more often than not, unabashedly extension-ed. Now the model and TV host, 28, has scored a huge hair gig partnering with TRESemmé to launch their Beauty-Full Volume Collection. And the regimen is revolutionary: You condition first, and then shampoo.

Courtesy TRESemmé

Teigen, who admits that volumizing shampoos “always make my hair a little bit heavy,” was skeptical of the idea at first. “It did take me a minute to do the whole switcheroo, because we’re just so trained to shampoo first and then condition,” she tells PeopleStyle. “Then you realize that it really does make so much more sense to do it in the reverse… it seems like you’re washing the weight away when you shampoo after the conditioner. It makes complete sense to me now, honestly.” And for someone who gets her hair done twice a day (she’s still shooting
), keeping your hair on point is key.

If you’re wondering why Chrissy looks a little different than normal in these behind-the-scenes pics, it’s because “we were throwing it back to those days of doing crazy things to achieve .. volume in your hair,” she says. “We pulled up pictures from old Teen Choice Awards and they are hysterical,” she says. “Paris [Hilton] and Mandy Moore… that was what we channeled.”
(Think tons of hairspray and not-so-touchable texture — hence her nickname, “Crispy Teigen.”)

Courtesy TRESemmé

And though her Instagram followers treat the star’s hair like a religious experience, Chrissy has a sense of humor when it comes to beauty. Here’s what she told us about her routine:

    • You won’t see her in the makeup or hair chair … because she’s heavily pregnant.: “All I do now is SnapChat from lying down. Everything is lying down,” says the mom-to-be. “If I’m not on camera on FABLife then I am horizontal in the back, I just don’t know why. I’ve become that a–hole that gets her hair and makeup done lying down and I’m ashamed to say it, but I still love it I really do. I still prefer it over normal life!”
    • She herself has gone to crazy extremes to achieve big hair: “You know how they have Bump-Its now and things like that? Basically for [my sister and me] our Bump-It was rolling up a piece of toilet paper and putting it underneath the hair. Of course after maybe an hour …it would start peeking through.”
    • Her routine absolutely will change once she gives birth to her daughter this spring: “I think I’m going to have to pare it down. Being on a show every single day and having my hair done twice a day has spoiled it for me … I can’t imagine that I’m ready for the actual act of getting ready to go out once I have this baby in my arms. I can’t imagine! Because right now [as a very pregnant woman], I’ll say that it is a little hard to even spin upside down and brush your hair, you know that move? You’ve got to brush these knots out, and that that is even truly tough for me. Even tying my shoes … John [Legend, her husband] ties my shoes for me in the morning. It’s really all getting quite sad.”
  • She won’t go out if her hair’s not done. Seriously: “I don’t make a dinner reservation or I don’t okay a red carpet or a party unless I’m coming off a work day. I was on an e-mail chain with a bunch of girls the other night and they were like, ‘Who wants to go out to dinner tonight? Let’s have a girls night!’ And I’m like, ‘Oh sorry, I’m not working today.’ And they’re like, ‘What the hell does that mean?’ Well, I don’t have my hair and make-up done. I need to feel ready and there’s nothing like a good blowout for me. I really feel like with that you can slap on a giant pair of aviators and go shopping and do whatever you want. You don’t even have to do the makeup thing, but a blowout is the top for me.”
  • She’s not a “second-day” kind of girl: “I have to wash and condition every single day. I know a lot of people brag that they don’t have to do that, that dirty texture makes their hair better. But for me, if I go one day, my hair is super heavy, it’s stuck to my head, and plus I just don’t personally feel clean.”

Which looks is your favoritete?

–Catherine Kast