The Cravings author and mom of two says she's always been "a robe nut"

Chrissy Teigen is unapologetic when it comes to her love of robes as a wardrobe staple. The Cravings author is so obsessed with the relaxed style, she even started designing her own collection of loungewear. While she really started giving her racks of robes the most attention this past year during quarantine, Teigen, 35, tells PEOPLE her love of low-key style dates back much further than that.

"I think I started out as a towel person. I wea1r the towel in my hair, the heavy towel to dry my hair and wrap it all around my body. Then I put on a slinky robe or something," says Teigen, who graces the cover of PEOPLE's 2021 Beautiful Issue on newsstands now. "I kind of just live in it."

It's hard for Teigen to pinpoint the exact time she became a robe person, but she does know she's always preferred wearing minimal clothing around the house. "I don't know when I became a robe nut. I've always just either been naked, in a towel or in robe. I'm not an outfit type of person," says the star.

chrissy teigen
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In her household, Teigen and husband John Legend, with whom she shares daughter Luna, 4, and son Miles, 2, aren't shameful when it comes to nudity.

"Even my house now honestly, it's just so fun, we're so open and free. We're running around. They're little kids. It's adorable. I think it's just natural," Teigen says.

"I grew up in a house where nobody cared too much about stuff like that, which is hard because I do have to pull back sometimes. Obviously I'm like, 'Oh no this is inappropriate for you? Okay.' So I'm constantly thinking about other people. If it were up to me? Naked," she adds.

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Credit: Mike Rosenthal

The hands-on mom also opened up about how she is teaching her kids to be exactly who they are.

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"I'm an open, free spirit and I love kids to be kids. For us, kindness is such a big thing. When you meet our kids, they're very warm and friendly," she tells PEOPLE in this week's cover story. "You instill those things in them, but for the most part let them be creative and wondrous and spirited and curious beings."

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