Chrissy Teigen Hilariously Replies to Commenter Who Asked Her to Post More 'Bikini Pics'

Chrissy Teigen had the perfect response when an Instagram commenter told her to stop posting videos of her children

Chrissy Teigen just proved once again that she is the queen of witty comebacks.

On Thursday, the Sports Illustrated model expertly trolled a commenter who said “nobody cares” about Teigen’s children after she shared two adorable videos of her daughter Luna, 2½, getting her first big girl bed.

In an exchange captured by Comments by Celebs, the commenter wrote on one of the posts, “Bikini pics only, you were a model nobody cares about your kids.”

Teigen, 33, replied with a cheeky retort, writing, “Yeah well now that I’ve had kids you don’t wanna see me in a bikini so it’s quite the dilemma.”

On Thursday afternoon, Teigen and Legend, 40, presented their daughter, who turns 3 next month, with a brand new, big girl bed and shared the adorable encounter on Instagram.

Although Luna was initially excited about the upgrade, she quickly picked up on a major difference from her crib — and made sure to correct it in front of her parents before testing out her new furniture.

In the first video, Luna peered up at the big bed as Legend told her, “This is where you’re going to sleep from now on.”

Teigen joined in with her husband’s sentiments, asking Luna, “Isn’t it so pretty? You want to get up there?” — which prompted the toddler to nod and trot excitedly towards the bed.

But Luna noticed something was missing and walked across the room to where her stuffed animals were, asking her parents, “Why you take these out?” as she began to gather her toy bunny, teddy bear, Paddington bear and Tiana doll into her arms.

Legend eventually reassured his daughter that “whatever you want to put in your bed you can put in there,” and then helped her up to place all of her teddies in the big bed together.

In the second video, Luna is seen getting rather comfortable in her new bed as Legend arranged all the stuffed animals around her. Finally content that she could share the bed with her cuddly friends, Luna sweetly said, “Thank you Mama.”

The family of four — Legend and Teigen also share son Miles Theodore, 10 months — has had plenty of reason to celebrate lately.

On Wednesday night, Teigen excitedly shared that Miles would no longer be required to wear the helmet that she previously joked was used to treat his “adorable slightly misshapen head.”

“Happy helmet-free day! No more helmet!” she proclaimed joyfully before Miles (who sported cute cat ears alongside his mom in the filtered clip) made a variety of baby noises and attempted to grab Teigen’s face.

Teigen wrote alongside the sweet video, “Such a trooper for 3 months of helmet. Happy graduation, Miles!”

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