Teigen's having the best year ever

By Alex Apatoff
Updated December 10, 2014 02:00 PM

Chrissy Teigen’s modeling gigs take her all over the world, but we’re guessing that even she had to be impressed by the location for her Ugg adds, which were shot on a giant glacier in Iceland. And the model braves the elements like the pro she is, wearing only a blanket and the cozy boots in the ad campaign shot, below. Check out the behind-the-scenes images and see what the always-amusing star had to say about the shoot.

Courtesy UGG BOOTS

“I learned something really interesting about myself on this shoot. Something unknown, even to me: I am afraid of heights!” Teigen tells PEOPLE. “We shot this particular scene on the top of a giant glacier. I asked the man who drove us up the glacier in a Sno-Cat, as I peered over the edge, ‘How far is too far?’ He told me, ‘When you fall, take one step back!’ We all laughed at that. The whole team was so supportive and great, though, they helped me through it.”

She managed to overcome her discomfort (both at the surroundings and the unfamiliar wardrobe territory) to nail the shot. “Obviously I’m usually in swimwear and am not used to being all bundled up but I was wrapped up in a cozy UGG blanket and had my waterproof Adirondack boots to keep me warm and dry! It was so beautiful up there on top of the world.”

And once she got down off the glacier, the real fun began. “It’s no secret that I love food! I am a total foodie! I fell in love with Iceland’s cuisine, especially their Icelandic hot dogs,” she says. “Before I left for my trip, everyone kept telling me that I ‘had to try the hot dogs, don’t forget the hot dogs, Iceland has amazing hot dogs … and they did! That and the seafood soups. I had a soup there, cooked directly on the lava rocks of an Icelandic beach, that I will never ever forget about. I can still taste it and every soup I have now has been cursed with being compared to it. I know [husband John Legend] would have been jealous. He loves seafood soup.”

Courtesy UGG BOOTS

Teigen also shares that she has plenty of experience wearing Ugg boots — as well as keeping them away from her dogs. “My first pair had to have been in Seattle. I mean I wore those puppies everywhere,” she says. “My basset hound used to make them his lover. So they were multi-functional to say the least.”

Look for Teigen to be wearing her new fave pairs with “a super-soft tee paired with a slouchy pair of jeans (preferably from my husband’s closet)” and tell us: What do you think of the ads? How beautiful is the setting?

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–Alex Apatoff