Chrissy Teigen may have lip-synced her husband John Legend's hit "Ordinary People" last Valentine's Day, but the Sports Illustrated star is finding her voice this year

By Stephanie Petit
February 14, 2018 01:25 PM

Chrissy Teigen may have lip-synced her husband John Legend‘s hit “Ordinary People” last Valentine’s Day — sporting little more than pasties and lingerie by Agent Provocateur, no less — but the Sports Illustrated star is finding her voice this year.

In an outtake of last year’s sultry video for Love magazine, the crooner begins singing a soulful version of Nat King Cole’s classic “L.O.V.E.” By the time he gets to the second letter, Teigen has joined in to turn the serenade into a duet.

Teigen — who is currently expecting her second child, a boy — dons a furry pink coat and white patterned camisole in the adorable moment, a far cry from the most extreme of the multiple outfits she wears in the original video. (Some heart-shaped pasties paired with a red coat loosely draped over her and some matching panties comes to mind — and don’t forget the tiara!)

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Director Rankin said of capturing the intimate moment between the couple on film last year, “I LOVE ‘Ordinary People’ so much, so when [Love Editor-in-Chief] Katie [Grand] asked me to shoot Chrissy for Valentine’s, the idea of her doing a lip-sync version immediately jumped into my head. Katie wasn’t so keen. Then when Chrissy came up with the idea on set, and with John, I was like erm… YES please. When they sang it together at the end, I got goose bumps.”

Are you donning your furry pink coat (like Chrissy!) for date night this Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments.