Chrissy Teigen Hits Back at Criticism Over Her Eyebrow Transplant: 'Why Are People So Riled Up?'

Chrissy Teigen responded to backlash over her eyebrow transplant procedure

Chrissy Teigen has something to say to online haters who started criticizing her recent eyebrow transplant.

Not long after Teigen, 35, opened up on social media about undergoing an eyebrow transplant, some internet critics came after the star for posting about a pricey cosmetic procedure.

"chrissy tiegen got an EYEBROW TRANSPLANT Y'ALL 💀💀💀💀 people have way too much money lmao," one person said on Twitter.

Another person tweeted, "The world is going to hell in a hand basket but thank heaven that Chrissy Teigen was able to transplant her eyebrows!"

Teigen caught wind of the criticism and couldn't help but clap back on her Instagram Story. The star posted a screengrab from an article that compiled some of the backlash and shared her thoughts. "WHY are people so f---ing riled up over any little thing I do? You're gonna give yourselves a heart attack," she said.

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Teigen first shared her eyebrow transformation on Instagram Story earlier this week. The star posted trio of videos following the eyebrow transplant surgery, where hairs are taken from the back of a patient's head and placed on the face to create a fuller set of brows.

"I never wear makeup if I can avoid it so I was so excited for this eyebrow transplant surgery," she wrote atop a photo of herself post-surgery, tagging Drs. Jason Diamond and Jason Champagne.

In the second slide, Teigen posted a more candid image of her new look, calling the results "crazy" in the caption.

<a href="" data-inlink="true">Chrissy Teigen</a> Debuts Her New Eyebrows On Instagram
Chrissy Teigen/Instagram

"They look so cool," she said in the clip while pointing to her new brows. "He did hairs up here to even them out. Crazy!"

<a href="" data-inlink="true">Chrissy Teigen</a> Debuts Her New Eyebrows On Instagram
Chrissy Teigen/Instagram

In a post on his own Instagram page, Dr. Diamond said he knows "too many people," including "entire generations," that have overplucked their brows or are experiencing thinning over time.

"Eyebrows play a huge part of the facial aesthetic," he wrote alongside a shot of Teigen's Story. "They frame the eyes and can either be an asset to the eyes, or they can be the annoying part of your morning you have to spend ten minutes filling in."

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