The actor shows off his braiding skills once again ... during a live TV interview!

By Brittany Talarico
Updated July 23, 2014 05:25 PM

Courtesy Entertainment Tonight

While many of us are drooling over his hot bod for his role as Peter Quill in
Guardians of the Galaxy
, Chris Pratt proves he’s got more than one way to impress the ladies.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Pratt showed off his French braiding (or what he calls “freedom braid”) skills, giving one lucky ET intern a pretty perfect plait. Check out the video below:

Pratt is prompted to demonstrate his skills by the interviewer, who pulls up the actor’s Instagram photos showing his braiding handiwork on willing hair model, wife Anna Faris. And Pratt barely skips a beat, immediately getting to work on intern Jen while discussing his role in the upcoming Jurassic Park sequel. “I play like a military veteran, sort of like a tough, brash John Wayne kind of character, who clearly doesn’t French braid,” he says.

When asked for a report on Pratt’s skill, the intern says, “He’s very gentle. Thank you, Chris for your tender hands. I appreciate it.” But tender hands isn’t all Pratt has to offer — he’s also got some major hair know-how. “What you gotta use is something called a scrunchie,” he says as he finishes up, rejecting a rubber band due to the potential hair damage.

He’s come a long way since his first hair-braiding photo posted. Back in May, he was still debating the spelling of the word. “This is a weird thing to brag about but I did that glorious french braid. #Baller #man #ManBraid #RealMenBraid #isItBrade? #SpellingQuestion #StillBallerTho #WhyIsItFrench??? #ICallItAFreedomBraid #GoUsa” he wrote as a caption to the photo below.

Well, we know who we are inviting to our next slumber party. What do you think of Pratt’s talent? How did he do during his live braiding session? Share your thoughts below!

–Jessica Fecteau