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January 06, 2017 11:22 AM
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Sure, Chris Pratt‘s steamy shots from his Vanity Fair photo shoot serve as some great eye candy, but even better than that are The Passengers star’s hilarious, real talk commentary making fun of the shoot that he recently shared on Instagram. And this isn’t the first time he’s posted self-deprecating comments about his fashion spreads online – after Pratt was named InStyle’s September Man of Style, the star posted hysterical captions to his shoot, reminding us he truly isn’t one to take himself too seriously.

For Vanity Fair‘s February issue, the star stripped down on the cover of the magazine, but Pratt made sure to let his fans know it wasn’t nearly as glamorous as it looked. “This is a picture of me on the cover of @VanityFair that water was cold AF,” he captioned the cover shot on Instagram.

But he didn’t stop there. After finally wrapping up the water portion of the shoot, Pratt got to sit in front of a fire and said, “Here’s me warming up after having to be in that freakin’ cold ass water forever.” (Hey Chris, we feel you!)

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Pratt also acknowledged the fact that in fashion, almost nothing every actually starts on time – even photo shoots that you’re the star of.

“Here’s me waiting for the photo shoot to start. I was like, ‘Well guys, I’ll just chill over here by my race car and rub my neck real quick. You know what I’m sayin’,'” he captioned this shot, where he’s leaning up against an old-fashioned race car looking pensively out into the distance.

And one of his final, and arguably, his best photo caption comes with this shot of Pratt staring seductively into the camera and holding up his right hand to his face. If you’re questioning why exactly he’s doing that with his hand, he’s got an answer.

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“And here I am casually sniffing my knuckles,” Pratt said. Well, glad he cleared that up!

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