The designer tries to get her in a leather neckpiece -- but the model doesn't quite cooperate

By Kate Hogan
Updated December 06, 2011 06:30 PM

Joe Schildhorn/Sipa; Inset: Andrew Toth/Sipa

Mad Fashion
‘s Chris March created his first-ever Met Gala gown this year … but it wasn’t without a little blood, sweat and tears. The designer whipped up a hair- and feather-covered fantasy dress for supermodel Chrissy Teigen — John Legend’s longtime girlfriend — but the Sports Illustrated stunner wasn’t always on board with the eccentric designer’s ideas.

On Tuesday night’s season finale of Mad Fashion, March makes Teigen’s Black Swan-esque gown and has a few fittings with her, going back and forth about a leather neckpiece he originally conceived for the dress.

(Warning: Spoilers ahead!) Speaking to reporters during a New York City screening of the episode on Monday, March said he wished Teigen would’ve “gone with the original idea” for the dress. “John Legend was there, and he didn’t like it — he thought it made her look too masculine — so we had to ditch it and come up with something else at the last minute,” he shared.

It wasn’t the worst fashion mishap — “It kind of lumped her in with the Black Swan trend more, and she got these trend pictures all over the Internet,” he said — but he really wanted her to wear the leather neckpiece. “I still have it,” he said.

Though the neckline was eventually altered, the bodice — covered in black safety pins in addition to the hair and feathers — was just as March imagined. “The fabric we bought was also covered in Swarovski crystals, as well, and then we had all the beaded trim, thousands of crystals,” he said. “It was heavy!”

To see Teigen’s dress — and the drama leading up to her red-carpet moment — tune into the season finale of
Mad Fashion
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