Chloe X Halle on Being the New Faces of Neutrogena: 'You Can Be Yourself, Unapologetically'

"I feel grateful to be a part of something so inclusive. You can be you – and you is perfect," says Halle of becoming a Neutrogena brand ambassador

Chloe and Halle Bailey have some huge beauty news! The sisters are the latest stars to be named Neutrogena brand ambassadors. Having used the brand since they were little girls, it's an announcement Chloe, 22 and Halle, 20, couldn't be more excited about, they tell PEOPLE exclusively. To celebrate, the Grammy-nominated duo, who teased the news in this sweet video, opened up about their early beauty influences, and learning to love the skin they're in.

Chloe x Halle for Neutrogena; Courtesy Neutrogena
Courtesy Neutrogena

PEOPLE: Congratulations on this amazing partnership. What drew you to want to partner with Neutrogena?

Chloe: We've always loved how the products have worked and felt on our skin. So when they came to us, we were so freaking excited. And to be the first ever sister duo ambassadors, that just makes it so much cooler, because I get to do this with my best friend. And I'm really grateful that Neutrogena's standards and morals align with ours. Instead of hiding who you are, and instead of dulling who you are, it just helps us elevate ourselves and shine through even more.

Halle: We truly feel so honored, because we feel like their messaging has always been just to be authentically you and to let your inner light shine. That is something that my sister and I have been working towards our whole lives, and are still working towards. And getting to show women, and other Black women, that Neutrogena has so many inclusive products. I'm just so grateful."

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PEOPLE: What is your first memory of beauty?

Chloe: Every time we would visit our Nana in South Carolina, she would have her vanity in her bathroom and she would just let us play at it. And even though there were no makeup products, we felt like we were doing each other's makeup, because we had all the brushes, and we would put them on each other's faces.

Chloe x Halle for Neutrogena
Courtesy Neutrogena

PEOPLE: What are your beauty philosophies now?

Chloe: My beauty philosophy would have to be: it starts from within. How you feel inside reflects on the outside. I'm really grateful for my family, who taught me that. And I'm happy that Neutrogena helps me bring out my inner glow. I'm learning to take care of myself and my skin, and that it's okay to put that love into yourself. And it's okay to take the time to treat your skin and make sure that you feel the best ever.

Halle: Yes, I would agree. I would definitely say that my beauty philosophy is, basically just showing the love from within. And I feel like I'm learning, still learning to love myself in all different ways and [to] love every piece of myself. And a brand like Neutrogena has really been helping me accept who I am and embrace who I am, and remind myself that, yes, I can take care of myself. I can take care of my skin. And when I do that, I'm just going to continue to let what's in my heart show out loud.

PEOPLE: Tell us about your skin, and the products you swear by?

Chloe: Where I do get issues is [during] that time of the month I'll get the stubborn pimples that won't go away. And I have now learned not to pop them, but even when I don't pop them, they leave scarring for me and discoloration. But, you want to know what helps with that? Putting on sunscreen every day. It keeps my skin even. I am obsessed with the Invisible Daily Defense Sunscreen sunscreen. It doesn't leave a white cast.

And I am really obsessed with the Skin Balancing Micellar Cleansing Cloths, because I love a good face beat, especially in the pandemic. I've learned to do my makeup and I love it. And when I use those cleansing wipes, it helps take away the stubborn makeup, the stubborn eyeliner, the lip stain, all of that. I also love a good glow. And I think that's why I love the Hydro Boost collection. I use the Hyaluronic Acid Serum and the Gel-Cream with Hyaluronic Acid, and it just hydrates my skin.

Neutrogena collage; Chloe x Halle

Halle: Our skin types are very different. I'm a lot more acne prone and I realized that when we were touring. That was the main wake-up call for me. So yeah, just catering to my sometimes very oily skin. Skincare is meditative [for me] at the end of the day. It's like a spa night. I love putting their Oil Free Acne Wash and Stubborn Acne AM Treatment on my skin, especially when I get anxiety about a closeup or something.

Courtesy Neutrogena

PEOPLE: What do you hope to show other women through this partnership?

Halle: I think what we truly just hope to embody through this partnership is just love and showing that you can be yourself unapologetically. I feel so very grateful to have women like my sister and my mother and inspiring figures around me that just make me want to be a better person every single day. And I feel like I try to surround myself with brands that are on that same page as well. So for me, Neutrogena is all of the above, and I just feel really grateful to be a part of something that is so inclusive, so just beautiful inside and out. Showing that you can be you and you is perfect.

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