Chloë Sevigny reveals all the sentimental things she's saving in her closet

By Colleen Kratofil
September 04, 2018 06:45 PM

We all have those pieces that we’re holding onto in our closets. Whether for sentimental reasons or sartorial, there are always items that hold special meaning in some way or another. But Chloë Sevigny has so many pieces she’s saved from her childhood that she jokes she needs to have a daughter ASAP so she can hand them all down.

Sevigny is the cover girl of Who What Wear’s fall issue (which goes live on their site Wednesday) and was interviewed for the feature by a very special guest reporter, Kristen Stewart. The two friends (they costar in the upcoming movie Lizzie) discuss the clothing items Sevigny cherishes most, which includes her communion dress, the prom dress that both she and her mom wore to their school dances and many, many more items.

“I have pieces that I wore over and over again in high school. My collection is vast and exhaustive and a little embarrassing,” Sevigny tells Stewart. “Just all the pieces that I hold and think about what was happening when I was wearing them. The sense memory of that.”

She continues, “I still have the shirt I wore in the movie Kids. I have the bunny ears I made for Gummo. I have all kinds of weird articles from different characters I’ve played, photo shoots, events. My Oscar dress. It’s embarrassing. I better have a daughter soon or I don’t know what’s gonna happen.”

Credit: Thomas Whiteside

In the cover story, the two actresses also discuss Sevigny’s perception in Hollywood, especially when she was starting out. “Everyone was like, ‘You have to be more approachable. Hollywood thinks you’re too weird. You’re never going to get any parts.’ Meanwhile I was like, Johnny Depp gets to be weird! But it didn’t work for me.”

Stewart reassures her, “That’s why everyone else thinks you’re so cool, though.”

Credit: Thomas Whiteside

“Well now that’s acceptable,” Sevigny explains. “Now ‘weird’ is a brand. But before, it wasn’t. Before, you were telling Hollywood you didn’t want to be a part of it.”

To read more of their interview check out Who What Wear‘s fall issue, out on September 5, where you will also find an editorial collaboration with makeup legend Pat McGrath, a feature on need-to-know stylists and an editor-curated shopping guide.